Probably the last blog of the year

And with it being the last blog of the year I better make it a good one. And what a good one it is, because I presend to you, Shepherdnick version 3.0. I got bored with the old version because it wasn’t as easy to update as I first thought, and was a pain to make everything workable on all browsers. Anyway, this new design should be a lot more sleeker than the previous.

There are a few things to note about the new design. The shoutbox is new and is now held on my own server, so it means I can change the colours to whatever the hell I want – it not looking out of place then! It is now hosted [the site] on the Swansea University Computer Society (SUCS) server, until I can afford to have my own hosting again. I don’t yet know what this means for itself, but stay tuned for more news.

I hope you all had a good Christmas – I did. I got a better haul than I expected and lots of weird and funky presents. Like a clock that appears to float, and lots of smelly perfumey things – maybe my family are trying to tell me something! I’ve only been home a week but I’ve seen loads of people (or at least talked to them!) and hope to see more before the end of the break. I started back at McD’s last Tuesday and after having done 5 shifts am starting to loathe it like I always did. It was never about the colleagues, it was always the customers – the number and stupidity of them always amaze. “I’d like a happy meal please”, “Yes, which one – there are four, you’ve just been standing in the queue for 20 minutes and you’ve yet to figure out which one you want!”

Enough about them – I can complain about them to myself quitetly whilst I die a little inside. I’ve yet to start any sort of revision for my FIVE exams coming up in January. After talking with other people who are in University I have discovered that five exams is a lot. I thought it was standard for most students, but yet again I am wondering why the hell I have chosen a subject that is designed for wannabe social recluses. I have done 12 pieces of coursework this term – TWELVE! I must have been out about 4 times *cries*. I hoep next term is a bit better.

The SNForum suffered an attack a few weeks back and only last week I was able to set asside some time to fix it – I know how some of you rely on it for some sort of mental satisfaction that there are indeed people out there as insane/sane/bored as you are.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, a lot of people have been getting into a service on the internet that lets other people see your music tastes. If you are one of those people who likes to look back on times past, then logging your music listening habits is the thing for you and audioscrobbler/ is the place for you. Click here for my user page Shepherdnick @

2005 was a pretty average year to be honest. The thought of having thrown my first year of Uni down the pan in the summer was a very hard lesson to be learned by me, although the work I didn’t do in the the last academic year, but did in the summer was justified by the fact I got through to the second year. I waved goodbye to some people and Hendrefoelan Student Village (can’t work out whether I enjoyed living there or not)… and said Hello to some new people. I moved into what I can only think of being the best place I’ve lived in (or at least the best looking – laminated flooring and double glazing windows! Not to mention a bed room I can’t fill with my stuff and an incredible view!). Not really sure that I have a sense of Home any more what with spending half my life in Swansea and another half in Pontypool. It makes me ask myself where I’m going to be in a year and a half. Bloody hell it’s going fast.

Okay guys, hope you had a good 2005 and that you have an even better 2006!


~ by shepherdnick on December 28, 2005.

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