Fire Alarms

Aww… poor Sammy… all she wanted to do was eat, but instead scared the living be-jebus out of everyone in the flat and the flat downstairs by setting off the smoke alarm/fire alarm for 2 hours.

Although it wouldn’t have been 2 hours if FlatFinders could do their job properly. These companies advertise themselves as hassle free, but I swear all they do is make more hassle for you. I ended up getting so fed up and cold (waiting outside to prevent hearing loss) that I phoned the landlord, and he didn’t know anything.

After talking to the girls who live downstairs and finding out that the noise gave her budgy a heart attack so much that it died (!) we decided to take the fire alarm apart with a screwdriver. Believe me the temptation to use a hammer was great by the two hour timer. But our destruction was not in vain, because we found the code and stopped the noise. Or at least I think we did – I probably won’t be able to get so sleep tonight because my ears are still ringing.

Anywho, sorry for the lack of blog of recent times, been *really welshy accent* MEGA */accent* busy lately. I know! Me! Busy! Who would have thought aye? But seriously less coursework this term which I’m glad about but I still have loads to do. I think this is the first term of Uni I am actually enjoying my course. To be honest, I really did choose the wrong course. This also reminds me that I am procrastinating sooo much right now…

Dan and I were messing around with his camera today because he has to do a project which involves taking photos that include a can of baked beans. This is what we came up with:

Beans Pic 1Beans Pic 2Beans Pic 3Beans Pic 4Beans Pic 5


Been out a few Mondays in a row now with the regular gang and Envy has been great both times! I managed to keep myself partially sober for both nights (after my spout with Constituition Hill last year). I have to say I have enjoyed both nights a hell of a lot more now I’ve remembered them! So my pact/New Year’s Resolution not to get drunk at every opportunity has lasted – and for the win!

Just for the mention – Leanne’s birthday party at her house was really good, and I got quite tipsy. Was also good to catch up with Sally who I hadn’t seen in what seems like half my life (and is probably too close to the truth that I want to believe!).


~ by shepherdnick on March 8, 2006.

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