Forum future … and other things

Unfortunate it may be, but I am thinking about not fixing the forum again. Recently it has proven to be more hassle than it’s worth from my point of view. I don’t have full access (or rather flexible access – the interface it difficult to use and I haven’t got time to learn how to use it) to configuring the forum, and unless I ask Will, there won’t be a forum any more (I know Will is also a busy person with better things to do than to configure forums). So, if you have any real objections to it, please leave a comment, or email me with your complaints. Failing that, I could always re-use the old forum, I think I still have the address for it somewhere.

Went out yesterday for some time with what seemed like the old “Cool Crew”. We went out to the cinema to watch Ice Age 2. It was a good sequal although still had the same old sequal syndrome. There was one line by Sllyd the Slloth that almost made me wet myself, but I’ll leave that for you to work out. There was about eight of us that went in total, and was fun. We got lifts back to Tom’s house where we sat, watched TV and drank tea, until we went down to Jon’s house to see Oblivion, Tomb Raider Legend (PC), the Neeg, Libby and Emily, and also this really fun air blowing soft balls device that was probably the most interesting thing in Jon’s bedroom.

The time came when we deicded to go to the pub (Open Hearth) where we had booked a table for 9 people. We got to Jons front door and it was chucking it down with rain, so we thankfully got a lift with Libby and Stuart (Thanks guys!). Well I know the people went didn’t think the service was THAT bad, or at least bad enough to really start an argument over, but it was dissapointing. We arrived at 8PM, and then had to order our food on the pad and pen they gave us (first restaurant I’ve heard of that does this). The two people who ordered steak were told that they only had one steak in the building, and someone had to re-order. Two people who ordered Steak and Ale pie were also told they did not have Steak and Ale pie, and had to re-order. This was at 8:30PM. At 9:30PM we had our starters. At 9:50 we had our main courses. We were the only people eating. This is not service we are used to or expect, however, in their defence it was busy in the pub. This is not an excuse in my opinion however, because we booked the table a day early – they could have got an extra pair of hands on for the evening.

The situation ended rather awkwardly when El’s Dad decided that people in this country don’t complain enough. We left after the argument became too loud.

On a different note, Tomb Raider is freakin’ sweet. Lara is stunning and so is the game. It looks lush on PS2 (I know, I know, but all of the other Tomb Raider games I own, I’ve got them on PS also). I’m already over 50% through it and loving it. It seems to be one of those post modern type games that still uses elements from the previous games, but also takes ideas from Resident Evil 4, etc. Check it out.

McDonald’s is pissing me off at the moment. So far I’ve done 10 shifts and one in the kitchen. Till all the time! And on Friday it really took the biscuit – I took roughly £2,500 on Window 2 and was down £7. If it is down more than £2.50, we have to pay it out of our wages. What’s the point in working there, if they’re gonna take 2 hours work out of my wages. It sucks balls. I hate it.


~ by shepherdnick on April 9, 2006.

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