Well, I Played With Lara…

And it was great! I have to be honest, Tomb Raider Legend certainly lived up to my hype. It was a great game, even if it was a little too short, although all good things come in small packages – so I’m told.

I have a few criticisms as a fan of the series (-excluding the pile of shit that was Angel Of Darkness). The first being that there weren’t enough really really hard puzzles, the best puzzle of all being in Croft Mansion, which is not exactly a main part of the game. The second is that (as I said before) it was waaay too short. Even if you play the first Tomb Raider again, you have to take a few days to complete it (you get bored of the slow control methods to complete it in one go), and the slow control methods of old probably paced the game a bit longer overall.

Not that the smooth animations and controls are anything to argue about, because if anything, that’s what needed overhauling the most. And it works. Very well infact. I love the intuition and fluidity involved with moving the nimble little minx around. The other thing I love about the gameplay is the climbing – it really does make you feel like running about and exploring, or even making you think that Lara is an explorer, or yet, a Tomb Raider. The voice acting is brilliant, and the story, probably the best so far too – revolves around King Arthur and the knights of the round table, Excalibur etc.

As the critics quite rightly said, it is the best Tomb Raider to date.

Closing comments – what an arse!


~ by shepherdnick on April 12, 2006.

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