Tetris: Level 20

I just can’t help myself at the moment. I completed Tetris DS about 2 days ago now, and I still continue to play it. Ben was right there is a knack to it and once it clicks it becomes really easy. So easy in fact every time that I play it, I manage to get back up to Level 20 again. It also helps my game online ten fold as well and I haven’t lost a game.

For anyone who’s interested, my Tetris DS friend code is: 668115771942

Well I went home on the weekend (last Thursday actually) and I can’t remember whether I told you or not, but I came home on Monday. I didn’t get much revision done, but am striving to now this week before my first exam on Friday (Operating Systems!). My exam yesterday was postponed but I hope it’s not going to be very late.

Old Man Wii

Well not much else to report, other than yesterday I went on a run because it was so nice outside. I ran 1.52 miles in 20 minutes. Which I think is really bad but understandable considering I haven’t run in about a year. I am packing on the pounds and can’t fit into my suit any more! My legs won’t bend today though 😦


~ by shepherdnick on May 31, 2006.

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