(The originally titled) One down, four to go

Yes, one exam done, and another 4 to go. I had my first Operating Systems exam yesterday morning and it went really well 😀 I was very pleased with how it went considering I haven’t seem to be doing so well on the exams side of Uni for a long time. I think the vast amounts of revision I did for them probably helps. And even now I am procrastinating hard.

Yesterday after my exam (Tom had one too), we all (Ioan, Ed and other comp sci people) went to JC’s for a swift half or two and then went home to find more people. We picked up Dan from our house and went straight on to meet Jay, Rachel and another one of her friends. From there it was to the Uplands Tavern where we enjoyed most of the afternoon outside on the verandery thing and lapping up the sun!

Then Tom and I had the great idea (after DJ and Nick had arrived) to have a BBQ on the beach, so we jumped into the car and went to Tescos, got loads of meat, a disposable BBQ and some buns and had ourselves a fine evening on the beach. We returned home only to go out again 1/2 hour later to finish the night off in the tavern! If only the weather were this good all year round. Everyone is so happy 🙂

And now back to revision… it’s so warm outside 😥


~ by shepherdnick on June 3, 2006.

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