The Day Of Reckoning Is Upon Us

Well it’s already 20:39 and nothing interesting has happened. The only thing I can really think that has happened bad today was my exam. It was pure evil. Speaking of exams, I now have my postponed exam rescheduled for next Monday. This makes me annoyed for numberous reasons:

The SUCS annual beach party is on Saturday and means I either won’t be able to go, or I won’t be able to drink. I thought the beach party was supposed to be a celebration of finishing the exams for the year. Also DJ might be going home this weekend, and won’t be here to join in the drunked end of year piss-up thingies. 😦

I’ve had 2 exams the past two days. The graphics exam I had yesterday morning went alright, but I was slightly put off by the change in structure of the paper. However, I really think I got enough marks to have passed that module (what with my awesome mark for my coursework – 82%!). I had System Specification today and it really really didn’t go well. I kinda knew it wouldn’t though, and was pleased (non-spitefully mind you) to see other people leaving the exam hall before me. At least they found it hard too!

But enough about exams! On to better things! Like the final season of Six Feet Under. Wow. I mean I’ve only watched up to the penultimate episode (so I’ve only got the final feature-length episode to go now) and whatever I knew, or had figured out that was going to happen has already happened, and it was very moving. I can’t understand what could possibly be in the last episode to make it that outstanding but from what I’ve read it’s going to be a big deal.

Until I can swipe all the official photos from Nick Bill, you’ll just have to put up with this one I swiped from



~ by shepherdnick on June 6, 2006.

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