A Bit Of Calm

Finally I have a chance to write a decent enough blog after the whirlwhind of last week and the past couple of days. I suppose a more natural place to start talking about is the end of my exams! W00T!! What seems like an age that has been revision and the stress of exams, it is all now over. Overall I think I did well enough in them for them not to have messed up my summer like I did last year, but having said that they all didn’t go as smooth as I would have liked. A supposedly easy exam turned out being very hard. Probably because I put all of my energy into the really difficult ones, and not enough into the one that I thought was going to be really easy! Oh well they’re over now, can’t change them, just wait to see if I’ve got any re-sits.

Well buying a laptop was a bright idea wasn’t it? £500 mid term left me without any money for the rest of term. Well nah not really, I did manage to budget for it, but it was a pretty tight budget and means that I have absolutely no money now. Zilch. Nada. Nothing….. Roll on McDonald’s!!! And so it did. I started back there yesterday, and it was like riding a bike, you never forget, but it was hot and boring there – not really that busy, and I doubt it will be until the kiddies break up from school.

Let’s back-track a second to last week though because that’s much more fun than talking about McDonald’s. I went out to different places countless times, but at one evening I went out with Nick and his mates from back home (Carl and Mike) after spending the entire day at the beach. We went to varsity for a �1 a drink V-Party thing, and there were absolutely loads of people there. I somehow started to talk to a guy who is a graduate from the University and now has a job (that he was overly excited about, imo) making nappies! But was fun. Anywho, after Varsity we went to Play – a new club that I hadn’t yet managed to get around to going to. It was fun, even if the music was a little erratic, and dancing on the podium thing was fun. The walk back to home proved fun as well, with us all climbing on top of a phone box for some reason. Here’s the photo to prove it:

Phone Box

Games wise last week I spend most of it playing through Half Life 2: Episode One and it was really really cool – can’t wait for the next one. The way the story is told is still so incredibly immersive, but Alyx does gets on your nerves after how many different ways she tells you to jump over there, or find a way to get through there. Sometimes you just wish Gordon would tell her to “Shut the f**k up!, bitch, I can do it myself!” I tried to play Metroid but kept being drawn back to HL2:1. Spose that will be my vice until I can afford a DS Lite and New Super Mario Bros. next week. Which one you reckon I should get? The Britain exclusive black one or the apple iPod white one? The majority seem to be going for the white one, but I like being different.

Last week I also became even more of a geek and gave up my XP for Ubuntu. Well not completely gave up, I have a dual boot system now, so whichever OS I want to move into I can. But I fear I’ve set up my partitions wrong now, so space is going to be an issue. I think I should change them over. Maybe. Anywhos, I love Ubuntu – it’s clean and fast and my experience this year with Linux has led me to believe it’s easier to program on. For anyone interested in setting it up to dual boot for themselves, follow this link: http://www.crhc.uiuc.edu/~mjmille2/howtos/dual-boot-linux-and-windows/. This method involves you being able to dual boot and create partitions without formatting the existing data – pretty cool. You need 2 CD’s and a CD Burner though.

Talking of other technological stuffs, be sure to check out Google’s Firefox Plugins and specifically the Firefox sync app they’ve got – it’s really good (for the moment it adds a bit extra time to start up of the browser but is useful if you use more than one Firefox). Also, tobeon introduced me to the StumbleUpon Firefox plugin that is oh so cool for finding random links.

Check here for my favourite random links

And on that bombshell (thank you JC) I think I will end this mammoth blog.


~ by shepherdnick on June 21, 2006.

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