3 shifts

3 shifts is all it takes these days to get me annoyed with McDonald’s. I mean I know I’ve been told that people at McDonald’s take advantage of me, but I think now I get what they mean. On thursday which happened to be a really busy evening, I wasn’t offered a break. Now I know that had I been offered a break I might not have taken it (seen as if I had the close would have been much later and I wouldn’t have got home as quick), but that isn’t the point – I wasn’t offered a break. The next day I was telephoned asking if I could come into work early. Fat chance – I told them where they could stick their extra hour and that I’d be in at 5. Go me.

I am also slightly miffed that the four closes in a row that I’m currently in the middle of doing is intefering with my social life. I’ve had to turn down 2 different social events because I have to work for McDonald’s. Lew – I hope the BBQ was fun and sorry I wasn’t there, Rich – sorry I can’t make it to the pool tournament, I’ll have to challenge you some other time. Although the only good thing to come out of this spell I spose is the money. It always comes down to the money.

Money, which I know I should be spending on the rest of the bills and paying back my overdraft with, but Kat and Ben managed to persuade me to get a DS Lite. I was thinking that if GAME still have their promotion on I can trade in my old DS for �40 and pay �60 for a brand spanking new DS Lite. I think I’m gonna get the black one. I can get it on Friday along with New Super Mario Bros. which is gonna be absolutely bloody fantastic!

 Six Feet Under has finally come to an end. My sister and I yesterday watched the final episode and my God what an end to a show it was. At first watching it, I thought that the ending was slightly cheesy and not in the style of Six Feet Under at all. But then I went to work, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the episode. I’ve never had something that made me think so much about it so much like this episode. I came home after the close at about 12:30AM and had to watch it again before I went to bed. I couldn’t believe it, it was so great. I urge you all to see it if you haven’t – seriously the best thing I’ve seen on TV (well DVD, but it was on TV) and even better than Lost.

Well, I have nothing else to talk about I don’t think, back to waiting to go to work. I hate closes – they just hang around all day.


~ by shepherdnick on June 24, 2006.

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