Heya folks! Sorry about the lack of blog in recent months I have been uber busy and more importantly uber lazy. It’s hard being a resit student I tells ya!

Well amid me having mostly 8 hour days in Uni I have been pretty much enjoying the free time I have by going out and playing games. Speaking of which my housemates (Nick and DJ) have been getting involved with Zelda: Ocarina of Time so much we decided to have a race. The rules being the quickest time wins. We also will award points for obtaining certain items, like collecting hearts and bottles etc. I’m currently playing blind – I never owned a N64 so never played Ocarina until a few years ago, and still never finished it. So as you can expect I am doing very poorly. But hopefully after this I will be able so show my l337 s|

Speaking of the Wii I had a bit of trouble getting a pre-order ready in time for the launch. I tried in Game and GameStation and as you would expect they were sold out of pre-orders (but I put my name down anyways). I then came across the knowledge that Woolworths were taking pre-orders, so I tried there one day last week. I asked the girl behind the counter whether I could ask a few questions regarding the NIntendo Wii and a blank face struck me back. I pointed to the numerous posters plastered around the cashier desk and behind her, and proceeded to ask her more questions (hoping that the posters and the pointing would jog her memory somewhat). Alas, she could only tell me that Woolworths would text me about a week before to tell me whether they would have any in or not. That’s not enough information to pay a blind £10 let alone £180. So I walked out. I came back the next day to try again, and at least the guy behine the counter knew how to work the computer POS he was at, even if he didn’t exactly know what a Nintendo Wii was (where have you been?). So I was happy to pre-order with him (and I put my mind at rest by him saying “if I couldn’t sell you one, the button wouldn’t be there [on the screen] for me to press”).

So what else to talk about…. well I have handed in a lot of coursework in the past couple of weeks so I thought I might share some marks with you.

Haskell CW1 Databases CW1 Databases CW2.2
95% 99% 100%

Not bad huh? Well I’m going to bed now, will update with another blog as soon as I can think of something to say 😀


~ by shepherdnick on November 13, 2006.

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