Quietening Down??

Today marks the second day this week that I haven’t had any lectures. The reason? The lecturers are all away at a large house in the countryside listening to the third year computer scientists present their plans for their dissertation. That and playing extreme ironing most probably. Apart from those particular goings on in my life at the moment I have also been trying to get my head around Haskell and the latest piece of coursework that I have to do. I have to create what seems to be an ASCII image (probably because it is easy to see from the command line) but that works mathematically. I’ve had two days off and I haven’t really looked at it unitl now, but nothing can be as hard as the previous coursework [Enter: Lambda Calculus]. I haven’t recieved the mark for that particular coursework yet, but I have for the first part of my coursework for the second Databases:

Haskell CW1 Databases CW1 Databases CW2.1 Databases CW2.2
95% 99% 96% 100%

As you can see there isn’t any reason why I can be disappointed with results like that. It is giving me the incentive to go on doing the coursework the best that I can! That will probably all change when I get my Algorithms and Complexity Coursework marks back. Fingers crossed aye?

Apart from work, I have been to the cinema twice in the past week. Two both excellent films, the first I wasn’t expecting to be so great either. Casino Royale was a very good, new, fresh and stlish approach to making a Bond flick. Daniel Craig makes an excellent Bond, even with his harsh, blunt and thuggish exterior, he attempts those one-liners and doesn’t really manage to pull them off, or provide the same suave and sophisticated Brosnan-esque show we are used to but instead gives a new look at how this Bond goes about his work. It’s a weird personality to describe. You kind of get the feeling that he doesn’t say a lot, or recieve much intel from MI6 that he takes notice of, rather does his own thing (hence the bit in the film where they put a tracer inside his arm). Speaking of a tracer, it’s probably the most technological gadgetey thing that he uses in this film which is one of the things that broke from the tradition of the Bond formula. Among others, things I thought that changed the formula (spoiler alert!) he falls in love with a woman and is prepared to quit MI6; no gadgets are used; there’s no bad guy only henchmen (apart from the dude with the weird eye), Q or R (heh) aren’t in it; there’s going to be a sequal; and I can’t think of any others at the moment.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and recommend you go see it over anyhing else at the cinema at the moment. Well, either see that or Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny. One thing I will say about this film is that you shouldn’t download or listen to the album before you see the film – it doesn’t exactly give away the story, but the songs won’t be so great if you do. The film has very very strong links with their first album, and if anything was better about the second album (and the film) is that the music is much better. There are a hell of a lot of cameos in it, including Ben Stiller, Tim Robbins, and Dave Grohl, so no doubt you’ll be entertained!

IN OTHER NEWS: I have bought another cheapey MP3 player from E-Buyer after borrowing the one that Tom bought from there and liked it so much I bought one for myself. I will get a pic up as soon as I can, but all you have to know is that it is more stable, and generally better than the one I bought before. I can also use the SD card on the Wii for personalised soundtracks. I can’t wait for Wii. I keep hyping myself up every day about it. I want to forget about it because I want it to come quicker, but I can’t stop thinking about it!


~ by shepherdnick on November 22, 2006.

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