It’s all going too fast

Well what a year / Christmas holiday / New Year! And as my title says, it all seems to be going too fast, and only now am I able to sit down for 5 minutes and write a blog. Up until the last day of term I found myself (and Tom) busy busy busy with 4 pieces (count ’em, 4) of coursework to finish for that particular week. That’s crazy. 13 pieces this term in all, and to this date, only having recieved 5 marks.

We spend at least 15 maybe even 20 hours on each piece of coursework, amounting to 195/200 hours this term trying to meet deadlines. The least they could do would be to get our marks back to us before the impending exam period gets here so we can then justify how much time we need to spend revising the subject, and prepare ourselves for the rest of the year. What makes it equally irritating is the fact that other degree schemes seem to have about 50% of their course as a 2,000 word essay that some have been known to write in about an hour. I spent 20 hours each on 4 pieces of coursework worth 5% of the entire module. This is another frustrating thing… 80 hours for 20% and 2 hours for an exam worth 80% – now, does someone want to tell me if anything is wrong with that? I think there is. The fact that I can still fail the course, even if I get 100% in all pieces of coursework is not anything to laugh about.

Right, rant over. As you could probably tell by my previous entry, I have a Wii, and even though getting it was a fiasco – thanks to you Woolworths – I absolutely love it. In fact I pronounced, quite seriously, that I loved my Wii to fellow colleages in McDonald’s, who heard it and immediately burst out laughing. Well, it’s true – it’s one of the most fun things I’ve played with in a long time. My God I just can’t help myself can I? Zelda’s great, and so is Call of Duty 3. I had an awesome Christmas, and because of a brand new job by my father, Christmas was especially great. Some of my most favourite items were a Mario T-Shirt from my lil’ sister, Scrubs season 1, Buffy season 1 and this cool kinetic light up thing. The weirdest presents are always the best. I promise to post photos when I get around to it. The less said about New Year the better. In fact, I can’t even remember much that happened during New Year, so I couldn’t even talk about it anyway. However, if you were there and do remember what happened and was embarrassed with my behaviour as much as I was, then I’m sorry.

On a different, and more unhappy displeasing note, my first exam is in 6 days, and I hate revising. Yet again I find myself revising. And hating it. Why oh why do they make us do exams?! ARRRRRGH! Still, they’ll be over in 2 weeks. I also am a bit reluctant to go back to Swansea pre-maturely. I always hate going back after Christmas, especially when the house is ming and cold all the time. And I just get used to being back home.


~ by shepherdnick on January 10, 2007.

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