Address: Swansea Library, Swansea University, Swansea

Well if Tom thought he could do it in the Library, so could I! And by do it I mean write a blog. Yes I think we’ve both got to that stage in the exam period now where we’ve spent so long in the Library we’ve actually turned into books!

2 exams are down, and another 3 to go (2 of the hardest of the year I think, but Tom would disagree), Algorithms and Complexity is at 9:30 AM tomorrow, and I am very nervous about it as out of all the exams I sat last year and completely completely failed was this one, only having 17% for the entire year. But as it stands now I feel a bit more confident that I’ll be able to pass it than I did last year. I am pretty confident I can answer (most) of the RSA questions and the graph theory questions.

The Database Systems exam went quite well and everything I talked about with people after the exam they seemed to have the same answers for. I do however hate it when lecturers change the format of the exam – it completely throws you off and makes learning past exam papers a little bit harder to remember. The Funky (Functional Programming I) exam I had on monday was a steaming pile of poo but luckily I had my trusty pooper-scooper at hand to whip that bad boy up and slam du-hunk him into the “Passed that exam!” bin. (‘Scuse the terrible metaphors).

In store tonight: another 4 hours of revision before I have to get up early on a Saturday morning and encrypt and decrypt passwords. I love my course and how it doesn’t ruin any sort of life I may want to have away from computers. I really did choose the wrong course didn’t I?


~ by shepherdnick on January 19, 2007.

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