They’re gone

EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!! What seems like an incredible amount of time coming I have this morning finished all of my exams for the last semester. And now comes the first four days I’ve had off since August, GUILT FREE!! I have no idea what to do first I am so excited!!!

Well I suppose the first thing I did was to write a blog telling you that I’ve finished my exams and that I don’t know what to do first because I’m so excited!!! (Wait a sec, this sounds familiar…) . I suppose I could tell you about how the last exam went. Well it went as good as I would have expected but still not as good as I would have liked. Many people poo-pooed (lol!) the exam as being the easiest of the lot, but in all honesty, learning those bloody design patterns was irritating and frustrating, and I don’t think I will get near the mark I think I’ve got. So, on a bit of a downer, it took a while for the relief of NO MORE EXAMS! to kick in.

Now I’m in search of something to play on my Wii – maybe I should get a GameCube game considering there are many a game I wanted but never got for some reason or another. The same goes for my PS2 – Okami scored highly as has Final Fantasty XIII. Now I’m not the biggest stat building RPG fan in the entire world, but it looks incredible. Also there is God of War 1 and 2, and Shadow of the Colossus. So many games! But I think with the recent announcement of Super Paper Mario coming to Wii in April I will have to look for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Tonight I should be going to the pub with housemates that didn’t have exams to celebrate the fact that I’ve now finished all of mine! Tomorrow I will be leaving my university abode for Pontypool because it’s a much nicer, comfortable house and bed, and I had to cut short my Christmas ‘vacation’ (damn I hate that word).

Well my hands are tired of typing and writing now, so I’m going to say farewell and I’ll speak to you in a couple of days.


~ by shepherdnick on January 24, 2007.

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