Maybe I over-reacted…

After thinking about it I probably did over-react and that most of the marks I got for this term last year were really given out of pity, not because I earned them. With some of my results I only managed to up my mark by 30% and hence that’s why they’re only 50-60%. Overall I had 65% on average which works out at about a 2:1. So it really is a hell of a lot better than last years “pity” average of about 30%. It will mean I will really have to pull my socks up if I want to finish with a first this year, which is essentially what I was aiming for (after all resitting the year is not a cheap option).

Anyway, I looked around the internet for a while to console myself and there seemed to be a Top-Gear theme wherever I looked. I will share with you the things I found because they made me smile.






~ by shepherdnick on February 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Maybe I over-reacted…”

  1. dude, you averaged a 2:1 not a 2:2 😛

  2. And it’s only 5% off a first average ^_^
    P.S. wow, shiny wordpress-ness I like the layout!

  3. Okay, I changed it you guys!

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