Back home for the Easter

I can’t believe that it always takes so long to get around to writing a blog.  I remember the good ol’ days when I used to post blogs (or as they were know back then as ‘News’ posts) like three or four times a week.  Now I don’t seem to get enough time to sleep, let alone write a blog.  But I suppose blogging is something that is right down there near the bottom on my list of things to do.  Besides that, most people that are likely to read my blog see me every day anyway.

 Still I always start out a new blog with “Sorry for not writing a blog in ages”, so enough of that.  Recently I’ve been really busy with coursework – 2 pieces in the last two weeks have really knackered me out.  However, it’s not all work without getting results! Finally had my C Coursework marks back (I submitted that late last term) and the first piece I had 100% (woo! go me!) and the second piece I had 53% (not so great, but better than most I think!).  I also had 86.5% for my Graphics Coursework – I meant to put that online somewhere for people to have a look at… maybe I’ll get around to it some day.  So overall I am feeling much better about how this resit year is going.  Courseworks generally tend to be in the 1st region, with the occasional really hard coursework being a little bit less.

 Anyway, it’s not so much as an Easter vacation as it is a working session – both monetary and academically.  I have 5 pieces of coursework to complete – 2 of which I have at least a good start in (group project and UML/CASE report).  I intend on working for 2 weeks to recoup funds that might aid me to getting an XBOX 360 or a PS3 (maybe?).  Anywho, this Easter’s going to be a busy one.

Anyone else finding setting up a wireless network in the home having trouble configuring, I have for the benefit of myself and my future use I have written a small document that specifies configuration of turning your PC into a wireless router if you don’t have a wireless router, and a wireless card.  I set this up for my home on Windows XP (because my family wouldn’t know how to get on with Ubuntu just yet).  You can see it here.

I think that’s it for the time being. Hopefully you can expect a blog in the next couple of days.


~ by shepherdnick on March 26, 2007.

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