We met the Knights at the court of Kamelot!

What a day! I felt like crap even before we went because I’ve been suffering from the dreaded man-flu for the past 2 days and didn’t sleep very well (what with not being able to breathe and whatnot). But yesterday was the day of Prog Power UK II and Kamelot were pre-headliners for the mini festival. I have to admit I was a little bit excited to go and see them. After all it has been nearly 4 (or 5) years since I first heard of them, and they haven’t been to the UK since 2002, so this was going to be great.

We left at about 9:30 in the morning, and it took about an hour and a quarter to reach the Cheltenham Racecourse (where the gig was to be played) and waited around for about an hour. I ate from a burger van (and played the waiting game before you-know-what might happen, but thank god it didn’t), Frazer did some flips and we met up with Elsmo.

Seen as we had platinum passes for the venue we got to go in 1/2 an hour early. We got a goodie bag full of random sample CD’s flyers, guitar picks etc. We also had first choice on the T-Shirt stall and 15% off of the T-shirts (so I got a Prog Power one with that). Shortly after we moved on to the Metal Market. This was a pretty cool place for all metal enthusiasts – they had music stalls, T shirt stalls, big boot stalls, jewellery stalls, and they had this cool guitar-off competition for someone to win a guitar. I bought “The Black Halo” so that the band could later sign it – I know, I met and talked to Kamelot (how many of you will want to touch me?) except for Khan – from the seems of it, he’s a bit of a diva and didn’t want to sign anything. Still, the rest of the band were there.

We left the metal market to go and see the first band, Heed who really weren’t that good, and seemed more of a warm up band for the rest of the day. The next band, Cloudscape, were pretty cool, and a bit heavier, and Dreamscape (the third band) were very similar to the style of Dreamtheater (don’t know if there’s anything to do with the names there, but you know what I mean). The next band, Communic, were very heavy, and were probably the most ‘Power’ metal band of the event. The band after that (Haggard) were quite interesting, they had a metal orchestra as part of their set, but the death-metal style lead male vocalist was a bit out of place. A shame I couldn’t get to see most of their set (because I was too busy having everything signed by Kamelot). Leaves’ Eyes were quite weird, and I’m not really sure whether I like lead female singers in metal bands, but never-the-less the music side of things was great. And then finally, about an hour late, Kamelot came on – and what a set. They played everything we wanted them to:

When the lights go down, Soul Society, Morning Star(Ghost Opera), Center of the Universe, Knights of Arabia, Abandoned, Descent of the Archangel, Forever, Ghost Opera(Ghost Opera), Karma, and the encore was March of Mephisto.

We left thoroughly knackered, but completely entertained. It was a great mini-festival, just because of Kamelot (but not only because of them). It was great meeting the band even if KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN wasn’t there, and the gig was wicked. Lew, Dan, Joe, you missed a good-un.


~ by shepherdnick on April 1, 2007.

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