Lots I’ve done

Well hello there! Thanks for dropping by! I have lots to tell that I’ve been up to this past week. Well not really THAT exciting but I thought I’d share it with you anyways.

I bought recently SSX Blur for the Wii and I’ve got to be honest – it’s really what I imagined gaming to be like on the Wii. It’s the first really well polished and published game I’ve seen on the console so far. Everything – the music, the graphics, the gameplay are all very well done and finished that it makes the game feel as though it was released when it was ready to be released, and doesn’t in any way feel like a gimmick or a launch game. Now bear in mind all of that, my opinion wasn’t always like this, because the game does come with an incredibly long learning curve and for this, the game is very hard to pick up for those not willing to spend a couple of hours with it. Take for example Ben, who I bought the game from after he played it for 3 hours and then gave up. I gave the game a bit longer (and persuading myself to keep at it by looking for SSX Blur on youtube and seeing the kind of things you can do with it) I thought there must be a knack to it. And now I think it’s the most fluid and natural game control I’ve probably used.

I also bought God Of War for the PlayStation 2 because I am also trying to complete my collection of the older console games, and by doing that I am working my way through the highest scoring games on the consoles (based on if I like the genre and the reviews of the games). Seen as God Of War 2 is also coming out soon, and Super Paper Mario isn’t being released this side of the pond until at least Q3, I thought I’d better catch up on the game, and I have to say, about 5 hours in I am thoroughly enjoying it. It’s a really blokey game, what with the entire cast of females not wearing any tops, and all the monsters are either huge or the killing of them includes lots of blood or a bit of both. The storyline is cool also – can’t really go wrong with a bit of Greek mythology. I would urge you to get it and play through it if you get the chance – I picked it up in HMV for about £14.99.

Tuesday I went to Lew’s house for curry and beer and it was fun and we need to do it again soon.

That is all.


~ by shepherdnick on April 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Lots I’ve done”

  1. This post reminded me of your review pages, you should do them again! Big full reviews 😀

  2. Should add them all to your wordpress site etc and start doing ones regularly if you can find the time 😀 you never know it may pay off like what happened to me and the DVD reviews

    psst merge the two comments clicked submit to early the first time!

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