What to buy… what to buy…

I have a conundrum.  I have some money saved up but I am undecided on exactly what I want to spend the money on.  I have a number of things, each of which I have good and bad points for.

  • 30GB iPod – I have always wanted an iPod and for £150 it seems like a good deal, especially considering the nano’s which are 4GB are only £30 cheaper.  On the other hand do I need a 30GB mp3 player?  No device will have enough power to play all the songs on there anyways.  I also won’t be able to go running with it as easy as the nano – the nano is so light I can hardly feel it in my pocket, but the Video iPod will be a lot heavier.  Also, I don’t think I will ever use the video function of the iPod.
  • XBox 360 – I have wanted one, but it’s been just too expensive for me, but next term I will be able to afford it.  If I get one will I be able to afford any games on it and will it be worth it without an HD TV?  If I get an HD TV later down the line, the XBox 360 Premium doesn’t have HDMI support, so should I wait for the XBox 360 Elite?  The 360 has some games (Gears of War) that I really really want to play…
  • Mac Mini / MacBook – I know one is slightly more expensive than the other, but I could wait to save it up.  I already have a laptop so maybe a MacBook would be a bit silly, but on the other hand, the Mac Mini is also portable, yet can still be a desktop.  Do I really need a Mac?  I already have a desktop and a laptop.
  • Am I being silly – should I just put the money in my bank account and let it cover my overdraft when I go into it?

Any thoughts on this would be muchly appreciated. 😀


~ by shepherdnick on April 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “What to buy… what to buy…”

  1. Hey Nick,

    I will leave replies for the other points tomorrow (as it is 3am now!) but regarding iPods I would personally take the nano out of the equation, a 8GB nano costs £169 thats only £10 cheaper than a normal 30 gig ipod (plus you have an mp3 player that is small and to buy 8GB worth of SD cards would only cost £40)

    If you would want to go for an iPod first think how much music you have, I assume you have over 30gb (and if not I imagine you will do in the future) so I would figure if you are going to spend the money on an iPod you may as well spend the extra £60 for the 80Gb model, seeing as the main reason I would get an ipod is for the total ease of syncing your ipod with your computer and always having all your music on your ipod the 80gb would be a must.

    also it is worth noting that you can get them cheaper away from the apple store, e.g. amazon does the 80Gb ipod for £206.50 (over £30 cheaper than the apple website)

    regarding weight I really don’t think it is much of an issue, Jay’s video iPod is easy to carry fits in your pocket etc not a problem it is really light as it is sure the nano would be even smaller and lighter but so what? I am sure you have the strength to lift those few extra grams! Not everything needs to be lighter than air and smaller than a flea, so if that is your worry well don’t worry about it! heh

    So anyways my advice for the iPod point would be get an 80Gb as the extra expensive would be well worth it.

    comments on your other bullet points will follow later heh

  2. The 360 is most likely a good shout seeing as you have a good collection of consoles already it would be good to continue on the collection, but as you said in your point you will have to get a good few games before the console is worth it and at £50 a pop the price will quickly step up. What at over £250 for the 360 plus enough games to be worth it the price will soon be very high! Although you are a serious gamer and will therefore get countless hours of entertainment from it, how ever is now a good time to get it? exams just round the corner etc? you won’t have the time to give the 360 the time it deserves at least not till the summer holidays.

    Regarding the HD issue I don’t think it is a big deal, I mean Joe has a 360 without a HD screen and all the games are great, just because one zombie screwed up by making it difficult to play on a normal TV started the panic! all the other games seem fine to me!

    Overall I would say the 360 for you would be a good buy and even worth the huge cost (you looking at what? £500 once games have been bought?) simply because you will get hours and hours of entertainment for well years! But the problem is timing, you don’t want to have a brand new 360 this close to exams and of course money, considering you already have x number of consoles etc would it be better spending the money on something new or more practicle etc?

    anyways just thoughts there!

    Personally I have never regreted buying my macbook not even for a second it has been infinitely useful both for uni and just for fun. However you do already have a macbook and there isn’t much stopping you from taking that to uni etc (ok so it has a low battery life but there are plenty of power points in uni)
    Seeing as you already have a laptop it might be a bit silly, although if you want you can borrow mine at some point and have a play (and get ued to carrying round etc) to see how much easier it is compared to your laptop.

    Well you know what I think about the importance of being able to use Linux, Windows and OS X as a computer scientist, excluding any one operating system is a fairly big blow I think and it is very important to know all three very well so that no matter what operating system your client/employer/whatever uses you can handle it without blinking. Also as macs are quite popular in the business world (regardless of the reasoning behind it) it is very good to know it inside and out (to a point that you know it just as well as you know windows and linux!) so I think it would be very useful to have one yourself and the macmini seems to be an affordable solution. Plus of course it is portable etc

    Although as you did say you already have a desktop and a laptop so would it be worth the expense? well I do spose you can’t have to many systems, if you had a macmini you could turn your desktop into a dedicated always on linux box, switching over to windows for games and the like when needed. (although you do have your more powerful laptop for games anyway!)

    Last point! Should you keep the money? depending on how much you spend if you keep the money well that is what one or two weeks you don’t have to work? or simply you have to work less hours generally? maybe you should keep it and put the money towards a holiday (I know its kind of fizzled but I am still really up for going abroad over the summer even on a last min deal there will be plenty around!)

    Ok so well I haven’t really given you much more than you already knew I spose but just thought I should expand maybe it will help you make a decision etc (or maybe just leave you back to where you stated!)

    Anyways I better go, revision to do!

  3. Which one would you use more?

    You already have a nifty portable laptop (as opposed to my unportable brick of one :() and a PC, so unless you were going to sell one of them, do you really need a mac/mac mini as well (when you think of how much more they’ll cost you)? If it’s just for the use of OS X there are ways you can get that without having to pay the huge price for all that Apple bling 😛

    With the 360, I play it on a teeny weeny TV (that obviously doesn’t do HD) and it’s fine to me 🙂 (except for Dead Rising – you can barely read the writing -_-). Tom’s right, you probably wouldn’t play it much ’til summer so you could hold off getting one until then when they might be cheaper. The games aren’t that expensive. They all seem to be around the 40£ mark and under (especially if you go online or pre-owned), and free if you borrow them off a friend ^^. Also, there’s Xbox Live :3

    Unless you specifically want an iPod you could look at getting another brand of MP3 player that’s pretty much the same but cheaper and end up getting / doing two out of the list (even putting some away to save for later) 🙂

  4. Hey guys! Thanks for replying to my call! It was good of you to give so much feedback and you certainly made me think about what to do with the money. I’ve taken everything you’ve said into consideration and for the time being I think I will keep a hold of the money – there’s no rush to get whatever I’m going to get, so the best thing for it is to earn interest. I really want a 360 and I think that’s what I’ll spend the money on at the time I want to spend it, but what with exams just around the corner it might not be the best time to buy one. My parents are also donating an awesome (yet still CRT) Sony Triniton TV to me which is like 24″, so would work well with a 360 methinks.

    Once again, thanks for your feedback! It was what I needed!

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