This week I have mostly been…

I am happy at the moment. Well happy about some things. Others are not so happy things. Yesterday I finished something that took me absolutely ages to do and I am thoroughly proud of myself – I finished a Rubik’s Cube. I never realised how complex they could be. And it’s a good thing – because there are certain formulas (or algorithms if you like) to working them out. Of possibly billions of combinations of colours and positions, there are certain algorithms that you can follow to produce the correct result, and it’s so satisfying when you can work it out.

Yesterday I had a crack at the horrible horrible C/Operating Systems coursework and after a couple of hours of reading his code to try and make sense of it, I actually managed one of the tasks on the sheet! I am finding out more and more this holiday that tasks are not impossible, you just have to spend some time with them!

However, this would be the case if you were not playing God Of War. Now sometimes I get frustrated with games, and just a momentary lapse of control results in a spurt of anger towards the nearest thing I have on my person, or sometimes even my actual person. This could be such a thing as the controller I am holding and punching my nice soft mattress with it. However, yesterday I wasn’t sitting on the mattress – I was sitting on the floor. This didn’t bode well for the controller, which I smashed up. Ooops.


~ by shepherdnick on April 14, 2007.

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