Millions and millions of chicks!

Hello there. I am back in Swansea now, currently finishing off this excruciating week of coursework. I arrived back in the house on Sunday afternoon to be greeted by (and a clue from the title of the post would be…)

Chicks 1

See? Millions. Okay, maybe not millions, but there are lots. And they’re very cute. Well not so cute when I realised they were all staring at my door. Thank you Sam and Dan – Happy (belated)Easter to you too!

 So I finished God of War last night. One of the hardest end-of-game bosses that I’ve done in a long while, but thoroughly worth it in the end. I am glad I finished it now as well, because Friday sees the release of the sequel, God of War 2 which has been getting better reviews that the first game. I urge you to play this game if you own a PS2. You can be sure the franchise will continue to bigger and better things on the PS3. What I meant to say was I bought God of War 2 Limited Edition on Amazon, and it should be here Friday!

 In other games related news, or stuff you might find interesting, you really really should check out this video if you have any knowledge of Halo or Metroid Prime. It’s called Haloid.

 Here’s some more Chick-pics:

 Chicks 2Chicks 3Chicks 4


~ by shepherdnick on April 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Millions and millions of chicks!”

  1. Awww look at all them chicks! 😀 it almost makes you forget about the looming exam death, almost.

  2. What exams?

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