Waiting for sushi

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks – the past few ones at least. I’ve just finished 3 weeks of pure coursework and lectures, and have now 1 week to fit in enough revision for my upcoming 6 exams. Overall I think the coursework has gone okay, with me only not submitting anything once. A vast improvement on last year! And out of those 24 pieces of coursework, out of the 16 I’ve had marks back, 12 of them I had a first for. Not bad really. From the grades I’ve been given back, 75% of them are firsts.

Anyway, enough of those silly statistics – I am doing well. The one piece of coursework that I didn’t hand in was for the same reason that almost everyone else on the course didn’t hand in their coursework. It was kind of a silent protest that we’d been given coursework deadline so very close to the end of the teaching term, leaving us with very little time to revise for the exams. The past 2 years, this particular coursework has not been set because of time issues, and this year shouldn’t have been and exception. Besides that, there was no way I could have fitted it in this week, someone I knew managed to do something (450+ lines of code) in just over 2 days.

I also handed in my project / dissertation application form this week. I have slight doubts as to (if I get my number 1 project) whether I’ve chosen the right project because of my supervisor. It’s not that I would or wouldn’t get along with him, just more of the fact that I’ve been in the uni for 3 years now, and he still doesn’t know my name. Is he really going to be the best supervisor? Anyway, the project that I chose, I have lots of ideas for – basically it is to improve the current task book for Principles and Practices of Programming that the first year students do in their first term. For many of them (like myself) this is their first stab at programming, and it needs to be taught well if they want to continue in the course. I didn’t particularly like the way I was taught and I think I could have a pretty good stab at teaching, myself.

Entertainment wise this past couple of weeks I have bought and completed God of War II . Amazing game. I cannot believe how anyone could have envisaged an improvement to the already great God of War, but this did exactly that. It was more epic, much bigger, and gave the entire franchise an even bigger presence. Brilliant. I have also recently purchased a little touch generations game, Picross DS – a puzzle game that happens to be a pretty cool kinda Su-DoKu game but you make little pictures instead of number patterns. You should check it out if you like puzzle games like I do 🙂

Heroes is coming to a close nicely. I am enjoying the build up to the season finale, and some of the episodes have been very cool (the Futuristic one springs to mind). Lost has taken yet another weird I’m-going-to-ask-more-questions-and-not-answer-anything spin, what with this so called Jacob character. I think it’s turned from something I hang on every word for to something I just watch. I hope that they don’t mess it up so much they run out of funding to actually finish off the story. I’ve invested too much time into the series for them to do that.

House is also proving to be a cool new thing I seemed to have got all of my housemates interested in. I bought the first season back with me to the house, and within a week, they’d all seen the first series and had bought the second! I hadn’t even seen one episode by then! It’s a good series and House is a great character, I just can’t watch too many of them in a row, because they seem repetitive. You can guarantee that in one episode –

  • the patient will fit or have a seizure
  • they will over-medicate the patient
  • what they initially thought was the problem, never has anything to do with the outcome which is usually trivial anyway
  • the clinic sheds some light on the patients diagnosis

Still. It’s good in small doses.

This evening I am sitting here waiting for my housemates to ready themselves so we can go out for a meal at the local sushi bar known as ‘Wasabi’ – that horrible green stuff that you get with sushi, and explains the name of the blog.


~ by shepherdnick on May 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Waiting for sushi”

  1. So the second I go home you all go out for sushi? Pah!

  2. House is lush! I added you! You happy now?! Hey! hey?!
    I hope so ^_^

  3. It wasn’t the second… more like minute…

    Thank you Jay-Jay 😀

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