It’s way to hot in here

No… I’m not going to start singing that awful awful song.

I’m in the library on the third day in a row, revising for the next chunk of exams.  At this time of year, the best form of procrastination techniques are in full effect, such as blogging about how much you’re hating the exams at the moment (which is true every time), making pointless programs that may in someway help revision (this time it’s a stopwatch so I can time how long I have been revising and when I should take breaks!), and chatting away on IM.

So it’s about a billion degrees in here, and my brain is pretty much mush now, it is 7:23 in the evening, and I’ve been doing it all day.  The heat doesn’t help keep you awake either.  That and the fact I went to the gym yesterday for some much needed exercise, and probably exerted myself too much.  But hey – at least I feel now like I got my £2.30’s worth.

My first exam is just over a week away, and I am no where near ready for it yet.  I have to get into a routine I suppose, which I’m not at the moment.  An early night is a must tonight, because I want to get up early tomorrow in order to get home earlier than 7 PM.  Right – procrastination over.


~ by shepherdnick on May 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “It’s way to hot in here”

  1. I still haven’t started revision T_T Where in the library are you guys reviserating? Would you mind if I joined you some time, home is too distracting 😦

  2. You complain about the gym, you complain about the library…get over it! 😛

  3. Sure Kitty, you are more than welcome to join us – it’s usually busy in the Library so we have to move around, so poke us on IM or something :)… I know what you mean about home being distracting :S

    And Jay…. shut up! 😛

  4. Oh, oh! what is your icon, it looks like a cat in water from here o_O;; And cool, I’ll come and find you guys some time 🙂 I managed to actually get some done today \o/ hehe

  5. ^^ It’s a little fox with a hat doing his washing in the river 🙂

    Revision ftw!! (well not really, it sucks!)

  6. 😦 but I don’t want to

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