Sunday morning

It’s Sunday morning and I am lying in bed, wondering whether to get up, shower and go into Uni for some revision that I missed out on yesterday, or just say “sod it” roll back over and go to sleep.  Or I could get up and do what I did for most of yesterday – play the Halo 3 beta… it’s soo much fun!

The best thing about it I’d say is that they haven’t changed a great deal of the game to make it feel as though it’s an entirely new game.  I mean it definitely feels like Halo.  The controls have changed a little bit – you now use the buttons in front of the triggers (can’t remember if they are bumpers?) to control the reloading and changing weapons and changing grenades / dual wielding etc. The X button is the all important ‘lay mine or shield grenade’ button and Y is change weapon.  Graphically, the game is not as good as Gears of War, but that’s not to say they aren’t pretty.  The water especially is something you can see yourself wasting a Slayer match to.  The graphics however, and I know it’s probably because they are a little toned down for multiplayer, seem like Halo 2.5 graphics.  We’ll see from the final cut.  The only major flaw I can see in the game so far is the huge amounts of lag in some of the games – it gets really frustrating! Although I don’t know whether it is our connection or the XBL servers – I wouldn’t put it passed Chateau Birla’s connection.

Last week (amongst the hardcore revision) we decided to go and see the sequel to 28 Days Later – 28 Weeks Later.  I wasn’t expecting much from it at all, what with 28 Days being a low budget British horror flick, I thought it was going to be  a little bit worse.  But I came out of the cinema with so much adrenaline and a good feeling that I haven’t felt from seeing a film in a long time.  It’s awesome.  If not better than the first.  The only down side is the fact that none of the original cast is in it, it’s more of a take on the story by someone else in the same universe.  Apart from that it’s just one thing after another that keeps that adrenaline pumping.  The opening 10 minutes sees a situation going from bad to worse to just downright frightening, with the music blaring through the cinema speakers you can’t help but be entertained.  (There’s also this especially cool scene involving a helicopter and lots of the Infected – can you imagine what you would love to see with those two things? I hoped, and what I saw was beautiful).  It’s seriously one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen, if not _the_ best… just writing about it makes me want to go and see it again.

So not much else been happening in the world of Nick recently, only that I’ve started to read the Halo novel, The Fall of Reach because Halo has been on my mind so much recently.  I am trying to picture the story for Halo 3 in my head and putting all pieces of the picture together.  If it is what I suspect then Halo will be amazing.



~ by shepherdnick on May 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Sunday morning”

  1. lazy bum! Come into uni 😛

  2. It’s not that good, I’ve been playing it for over 50 hours since I got it I think ^^; but I did get to the elite 4 in around 40. I got stuck there because my pokemon were all level 40 below and 1 (that playing the type thing really bites you in the arse when you get to the end huh 😦 ). Yeah I used to revise like that and it was awful o_O. Past papers all the way now ^_^

  3. well. done. that’s really fantastic! good job buddy…waiting for just put what the people searching for..good luck!

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