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THE EXAMS ARE OVER!! and now I can finally put aside a little time to write a blog to update you all about it :).  I finished my last exam on Wednesday, System Specification, and I was feeling a little shaky about it immediately after the exam but the more I think about it now, the better I think I might have done.  Still I don’t want to jinx it, so maybe I’ll just keep thinking that I didn’t do very well.  Overall though, I think I passed everything, which is a vast improvement on this time last year.  And strangely, once again I think that my strongest exam was Computability Theory.  Last year I had my highest mark in the subject – of 67%.  I wonder if it will be anywhere near there this time around.  Also had some marks back for the Software Laboratory course (100% coursework) and I worked out I had 69.75% overall – I wonder if they’d round that to 70% so I can have a first.  My group project mark, like I thought let me down big style with this mark, so for that I am a little disappointed, especially considering we were all re-sitters and had a working program, we should have done a lot better.  Still it’s over now, can’t change the mark I’ve already got. I worked out I have been in Uni with maybe the exception of one day for the past 25 days and each being an 8 / 9 / 10 hour day.  I hope it pays off.

Wednesday saw a lot of the Computer Science group heading down to “Pub On The Pond” – a nice little pub just outside the University fence, and as the name says there is a pond nearby.  They offer a massive selection on the menu with most items being 2 for £10 – and that includes steak! So I had a 10oz Rib-Eye and it was bloody lovely.  I was really impressed with the turnout after not being confident that many people would turn up – and more turned up than we had booked seats for!  The party continued later on that evening at Wind Street which was pretty fun.  Check out Tom’s photos of the evening!

A few Monday’s ago I went to see Wheatus in Swansea’s Time/Envy night club – a usually odd venue for such an event, but I have to say they were extremely well recieved there and the sound quality was amazing.  So much so that I couldn’t hear for a couple of days afterwards!  I bought the CD version of Suck Fony – considering I had only previously had a copy of Hand Over Your Loved Ones.  Suck Fony has a few new tracks on it that I hadn’t heard before and they’re pretty cool :).  Brendon and the band also did some cool improvised stuff, and even included the Time/Envy DJ (who Brendon named D-Tone – don’t know if it is his name, funny if it isn’t), for some disk-scratching goodness.  At one point they also slipped into Seven Nation Army.  Wheatus really gave the impression of being good musicians who really love what they do (although if I’d heard Teenage Dirtbag the same amount of times they must have I might just have to blow my brains out). Still it was a really fun night and well worth it!

Lately I have been thinking of what games I want to get for the summer.  My first purchase was going to be Pokémon Diamond, but the CD-WOW warehouse burned down or something and now they won’t have stock until the 11th June, not getting to me until the 18th June, but I don’t know whether I’ll be in the house still then.  So Kat then tells me that if I pre-order in GAME, I can get a Pokémon themed stylus, so I will probably be Mukip-ing that sh!t up.  I have also been trying to decide whether to pre-order the Legendary Edition of Halo 3, even though I don’t have an XBox 360 yet.  I think I should.  Also I bought the new Tomb Raider Anniversary collectors edition 2 days ago, and what I’ve played so far it is an amazing homage to the original.  It brought back a huge sense of nostalgia, and I cannot believe it has been 10 years since I played the original!  Any fans of the game should play this one for the new gameplay and puzzles and new players should play it because it is a fantastic game.  (It is quite glitchy though :/)

I’m busy all next week with two balls that require me to have a suit/tux so that is why I came home last night – to pick up my suit.  Much to my delight I have realised my parents have redecorated my bedroom! I have a brand new desk, wardrobe and a hell of a lot more room than I thought I had. Anyway, back on topic – on Monday it’s the Xtreme Radio Awards ball – something that all of us (Jay, Tom, DJ, Nick and myself) are going to so should be fun :).  Wednesday is the annual Summer Ball that is also “back in black” this year so at least I will be getting my wear out of my suit this week.  Friday it’s Nick’s birthday and we are planning to go to the beach all day and then on to Sin City.  Today (Saturday) it’s the annual SUCS Beach Party which I am also looking forward to.  I heard funny stories about last year’s but unfortunately couldn’t stay because of a delayed exam after the exam period because of the strike etc. etc.

And mix all that in with me trying to find a job and I’ve got a busy week ahead of me! Oh and the new Dream Theater record is amazing! Go buy it!


~ by shepherdnick on June 9, 2007.

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  1. Did you get any pics of the beach party? If so, add them to this thread: 🙂 Did you have a good time ?

  2. Unfortunately my camera is really embarrassing now so I don’t bother using it 😦 Although Tom took his camera, don’t think he took any photos though! There aren’t as many photos of the party that I thought there would be by now. There were loads last year!

    Beach party was ace – I wish more people had stayed though 😦 Was really fun in the morning…

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