The best summer of film

As I heard one of the adverts in the cinema say once this summer, you couldn’t help but notice at least one film that came out this summer. Personally I agree with the statement. I don’t think I’ve been to the cinema so often, and enjoyed going so much. There were some absolutely amazing films out this summer.

Notably, they all seemed to be sequels or branches of franchises that we’ve seen before, which is slightly disappointing, but you have to ignore that in order to see what there was on offer. The first and probably one of my favourites of the summer was Die Hard 4.0 which was awesome if not the best Die Hard film since the first. Transformers was also pretty amazing. I wondered after seeing the trailers whether they could keep that sense of scale and adrenaline going for an entire film, and to my surprise they did. The story wasn’t told in the best way, but who cares when cars and trucks are turning into massive robots and kicking other robots’ ass. 🙂

I also really liked Harry Potter & The Order Of The Pheonix. After reading the book this summer also, I thought that it was probably one of the best realisations of the literature, if a little fast paced, but I suppose it had to be to fit all of that content into the space of 2 hours. The fight at the end of the film was much better than I was expecting, especially considering it was about 3 or 4 chapters before the end of the book and only lasted for a chapter. The Simpsons Movie, as a lot of other people I’ve talked to about it have said, “is a lot better than I was expecting”. Highly quotable and full of classic Homer moments, it was like a good original episode only an hour and a half long. Homers new friend is the best addition to the Simpsons roster in years; he has so many looks!

Other films worth a mention are the Bourne Ultimatum – could probably stand as a trilogy next to the entire collection of James Bond and still look better; Rush Hour 3 – Chris Rock you funny funny guy you; Evan Almighty – not quite as good as Brucey, but a damn good stab at a sequel/franchise-continuation; Surf’s Up – Shia LaBeouf can voice act as well!

Hmm, I’ve probably missed one or two but that was a pretty good lineup in the usual “summer drought”. There’ve been films that have been awesome since then too – like Shoot ’em Up, Superbad and Deathproof which all need their own mention.

And what about me eh? Well that’s probably for a different blog. One thing I would like to add though, is that I purchased an XBox 360 over the summer, and probably haven’t had a day where I haven’t played it yet. Bioshock is one of the best games I’ve played in ages, even if not everyone agrees. Super Paper Mario for the Wii was fun, if a little wordy, and Halo 3 is the best thing I’ve played since… oooh… I dunno… Bioshock? Meh. There are too many good things coming out I haven’t got enough time for them all!

Phantom Hourglass and the Orange Box on the 19th, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on the 26th, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the 2nd November. And if Mario Galaxy comes out, that’s another big one. Damn, I don’t think I have the money, let alone the time.

Oh yeah, I also have a dissertation initial document (15-20 pages) to write for the 19th as well. This year is gonna be busy.


~ by shepherdnick on October 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “The best summer of film”

  1. Oh my god! There’s a new Jimmy album? Does that mean there’ll be a tour soon? 😛 I hope so. Heh, yeah buying parts is definitely cheaper than buying a new Lappy. I oculd replace him anyway, he’s like my bestest friend 😛 Die Hard 4.0 rocked so hard btw. Honestly, it was lush. Kinda like the third one, only in the 21st century a bit too.

  2. Ooh, also:


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