Remember, Remember The 5th Of November

… the day when people act like idiots even though there’s always a fireworks night safety scheme, that I thought was pretty self explanatory.

So the for the fireworks day this year I found myself in Swansea (because all the past 3 years I’ve been living in Swansea I’ve gone home for the Pontypool display, it being a weekend ‘n all). Now the Pontypool display has always been quite safe, even though everyone stands about 30ft from the fireworks – potentially shortening your life if the fireworks are pointing in the right way, but generally there aren’t any nutters firing fireworks at each other, and this comes as a greater shock than any considering Pontypool has its fair share of mad people. I think the issue of lots of people crammed onto the beach with open fires with the ability to anonymously ignite gunpowder amongst the crowd also needs to be addressed. There were a lot of tiny people (children) around on the day and with so many fireworks being set off that weren’t part of the main display I really don’t trust the general population to safely distribute their coloured burning chemicals in the sky.

For instance, after the show, I was on the beach with friends and literally 5ft away from us whilst walking off the beach, some idiot lit one of these infernal things scaring the sh*t out of the people around it. The people responsible found it absolutely hillarious, but I doubt it would be so funny if it had taken some little childs head off. I also met some friends who had (yes, you may need to read this twice) fireworks in their pockets and down their trousers. I can admit that seeing how many fireworks it takes to launch a frozen chicken is pretty cool, but putting fireworks down your pants is not the coolest thing you can do.

The show was pretty cool though – they had this new firework somewhere in the middle that made a kinda shimmering golden curtain thing. Which was nice. I don’t think it had as much of an impact as the Pontypool show though, the fireworks there seem to shake the ground and skip your heartbeat a lot more, maybe because you’re closer to ze action.

Well that’s enough of that ramble. I will write something a bit more productive next time.

This time of year is the hardest to spend alone.


~ by shepherdnick on November 7, 2007.

One Response to “Remember, Remember The 5th Of November”

  1. Wow oO I’m glad I didn’t make it as far as the beach after. Liz, Scott and I made it as far as the central reservation by the Patti where Mike met us a bit later on. There were tons of people around there and on the sides of the roads. Must have been a nightmare for the drivers (though given how fast people drive up that road, having to drive slowly and be more aware for once, wouldn’t kill them). What did you guys do after the fireworks? I was a bit disappointed they finished so soon, and was missing Pontypool carnival a bit (would have loved a toffee apple :P), though Liz says they don’t have it anymore? Oooh! And how was Dream Theater?

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