The originally titled 2 down, 2 to go

Steve the book

You know, I often find (and I don’t know about you) that I actually am more productive when it comes to revision time.  Well I also guess it depends on how you would like to define more productive.  I like to see it as being a time for catching up with loads of missed episodes of shows and films, and for also catching up with some play time.  Assassin’s Creed and Worms (from XBox Live Arcade) being the main vices I have at the moment, as well as Season 2 of Scrubs, various films I had on DVD for Christmas and a new love for Elfin Lied (pretty cool anime).  I guess it could be explained from the whole “work hard, play hard” thing.  Most of my days are spent getting up earlier than I’d like, spending all the daylight hours in the library or the project lab, coming home and trying to not waste the valuable time I have left until I become so completely knackered that I collapse in my bed.  Exams are exhausting, stressing, illness inducing, tests of short term memory ability that in this day and age test “appropriately” the ability of the candidate under test about how much they can fit into their head.  I see no reason how exams can be a valid way to grade people any more.  Exams are oxymoronical.  In case you couldn’t guess I am sick of exams.  I am currently sitting through my seventh set of exams in Uni.  I have completed 41 exams in Uni.

Damn it.  I even hate complaining about exams now.  So I won’t any more.  I will leave my ramblings in that last paragraph, and mention them no more.  Except for this paragraph too.

So what else to talk about at this woeful time?  Well things I am looking forward to I guess.  I can’t wait to receive my pre-order for Burnout Paradise on Thursday after my last exam! Ahh! I can’t wait! Wintereenmas is going to be so much better this year because it actually begins on the day after I finish my exams.  I’m a little bit excited because if you read my last post, I haven’t exactly had a lot of time to play games lately, and there have been so many good games out.  I hopefully plan on having some friends over to play some games in the same room, not just on live, so if you read this and you can get to my house during Wintereenmas, feel free to come around and play some games with me (and possibly Tom and Jay).

Also, if you want to steal anything, I recommend the Eels – Beautiful Freak.  Don’t ask me what compelled me to download it, but I think it was listening to the Scrubs soundtrack over and over and I noticed all of the bands on there were all mis-named as the Eels.  Awesome album though, I can’t stop listening to it.  How weird is it that as I’m writing this paragraph, an advert for their greatest hits has just played.  That has kinda freaked me out a bit… Truman Show stylee…

Hello?… (please stop watching me :P)


~ by shepherdnick on January 23, 2008.

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  1. Who’s that handsome boy in the picture?

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