Extra Stats and other things

So whilst procrastinating yesterday in the lab whilst I was supposed to be revising for my upcoming final examination in my educational career, I wondered if I could get more from the statistics of scrobbling data to I came across Extra Stats . It’s an awesome (Windoze only I’m afraid) little app that can compile your listening data from your profile creation and make some pretty awesome graphs and statistics for you. The most impressive I’ve found is the Wave Graph. Mine looks like this:

My Wave Graph of Music

So like I said, been very busy lately what with exams and dissertations to hand in, but come Tuesday afternoon I will have completed everything for my degree. As Tom said, 18 years of education is coming to an end, and even though it feels as though it’s been a long time coming, I will also be sad to see some of it go. 😦

On a more humourous note, thank God Tom found his camera after I thought I’d lost it and owed him a new one. I honestly thought it was in my room for about 3 months, and I’m usually so careful with stuff – I actually turned my entire room upside down to try looking for it. Little did I know he’d taken the camera from my room months ago and I was worrying for nothing. Anyways, I recently uploaded the photos from the expedition to London to see Babbage’s Engine to flickr. Also I’d like to point you to Tom’s Flickr Photostream – he spent ages uploading and tagging it, and it’s quite impressive. When I have more money and can afford a pro account, all my photos will be on there too.

Oh and my music post wouldn’t be complete without a shout to Steve’s shtaggle project.


~ by shepherdnick on May 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “ Extra Stats and other things”


    Found an online thingy which seems to do the same sort of things as that windows app. It is a little slow (ok very slow) but you don’t need windows! ^_^

  2. I tried using that and it took forever, and didn’t make as colourful an image as the one that the Extra Stats did. It’s cool that it’s a web app though – none of this smelly desktop app shizzle 😛

  3. […] scrobble your listening habbits. It wasn’t too long ago I blogged about something to do with so if you didn’t see that before, be sure to check it out now – it’s quite […]

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