All Time Top 5 Greatest Video Games

So the idea behind this post is to try and start some kind of trend, or meme about posting about my 5 Greatest Video Games. I am posting today in an attempt (along with frosty) to write a blog post every day for a month, to try and get us both into writing a blog more frequently. We haven’t really decided on a prize for each of us yet, but we suggested an ice-cream or a pint, or an ice-cream in a pint (best of both apparently) but I’m sure we’ll think of something.

As frosty said, the rules are that you don’t have to describe the story of the game or anything to do with the mechanics of telling the game, just simply why you love it and why it means so much to you.

  1. Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
    There is no better game out there for me than this. I love it because six months after playing the game every day I was still finding new things, and still loving every minute of it. From all of the cut scenes I basically know every line of dialog. The story is incredible – twists, back stabbers, military defecting, nuclear warfare; the characters are also multilayered and deep – Liquid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, Gray Fox (what is particularly interesting about it is the Japanese influence into something that is so incredibly western – and it’s presented so well). If there was only one game I could ever play again it would be this one, and the only one I would urge anyone else to play if they hadn’t.
    Metacritic Score: Metal Gear Solid: 94
  2. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Nintendo GameCube)
    As frosty quite rightly said, a gamers collection of top 5 games wouldn’t be able to call themselves a Zelda fan if a Zelda game wasn’t in their top 5. There is no competition between this and another Zelda game – this is the best Zelda game. You don’t have to have played any other Zelda before this, but in doing so you also get an extra sense of presence from the game when you go below the surface to see the flooded Hyrule. Visually this game is stunning, the music fits perfectly, and the story is well thought out, progressive and immersive. I didn’t think I’d like the sailing part of the game so much (not being an RPG and exploration fan) but the exploration involved was so invigorating – when the sail blew open you could almost feel the wind in your face. Bliss.
    Metacritic Score: Wind Waker: 96
  3. Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Wii)
    Also, I hate to copy frosty, but this has to be in there as well. It deserved every 10/10 it received. This is the one game where story doesn’t matter. I could go on about the stunning graphics and the unbelievable soundtrack but what I’d like to point out more, is the way Nintendo always seem to reinvent and reimagine genres and games again and again, and always produce a product that not only equals their last attempt, but more often than not makes it better. The same is true in recent times of games like Metroid Fusion and New Super Mario Bros. We all thought 2D games were dead, but yet again Nintendo proved that they still have a place in today’s mainstream media. Galaxy is near perfect.
    Metacritic Score: Super Mario Galaxy: 97
  4. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (XBox 360)
    Such a recent game makes it into my top five because it is most like an interactive movie that I have ever played. Even the bits that could have easily been in a cut scene I actually got to play. From start to finish this game was action packed, story filled, adrenaline boosting, and at times a little heart wrenching and was truly amazing. It’s hard to see games these days as just sequels with better graphics, and the true ability of a game to be “next-generation” is tossed around so freely in the media. What really makes a next-generation game, is whether or not it brings something new to the table, that has not been done, and for this fact, I believe that Call of Duty 4 is that game.
    Metacritic Score: CoD 4: 94
  5. God of War 1 & 2 (PS2)
    I’m going to include both of these games as one because they are a continuation of the same story, appear on the same console, and have pretty much the same graphics/gameplay etc. The reason I chose this game is because once again, the story is truly God-like. I love Greek Mythology, and to watch another take on the Gods (other than Disney’s Hercules :P) is pretty cool to see. This game treats sense of scale in a way I’ve never seen in any other game. At one point you have to climb a mountain that is attached to the back of a titan as he wanders around a desert. It’s not until you get half way up that a camera angle shows you just how monstrous this beast is! The gameplay is also remarkably fun – might seem like a bit of a button masher at first, but later in the game you really get to plan out your attacks, and when it flows as well as it does, there’s no stopping you and you really do feel like a God.
    Metacritic Score: God of War: 94

Honourable Mentions

Obviously these aren’t the only 5 games I’ve ever played, and compiling the list is really hard. I had to leave out a few games. So here are some that deserve as much credit:

  • Halo series (XBox, XBox 360)
    The storyline is another incredible epic saga that not only stems across three games, but also in novels and comics, and eventually (I hope) a film. Halo should be praised also for its gameplay – to this day it has set the standard for dual analog controls and brought the first person shooter to consoles (after they had kinda died a death after Goldeneye).
    Metacritic Score: Halo: 97
  • Grand Theft Auto 4 (XBox 360)
    I haven’t completed it yet, but I can see from the 16 hours I’ve already clocked on it that it is a game that will be as historic as the third game in the series and its jump from 2D to 3D. It’s violent, controversial, rude, not meant for little one’s eyes, mature, deep and extremely funny, and the moral choices you get to make in the game give the character you build some sort of conscience. It’s as gritty as a gangster game can get without being an all out bloodfest like other games in the genre, which is what makes the game so great.
    Metacritic Score: GTA IV: 98
  • Half Life series (PC, XBox 360)
    Recently, the Half Life 2 and Episodic content was released on the XBox 360 and it’s found itself an alternative home there. The inclusion of Portal was a great move by Valve in the inclusion in the Half Life Universe. The story line takes aspects from lots of different stories, primarily though from 1984 – the story or conception of big brother. I love how much the striders remind me of the things from War of the Worlds too. Epic story and epic win!
    Metacritic Score: Orange Box: 96
  • Max Payne series (PC, XBox, PS2)
    The two games from this series are as serious as much as they try to take themselves seriously. By which I mean they are film-noir to the maximum, “the train lit up like a Christmas tree” (which I find to be both hilarious and depressing in that film noir style at the same time). The presentation of both games is possibly its best attribute – the dark presence of the levels, the comic book style narration and the bullet time gameplay all combined into a fun package 😀
    Metacritic Score: Max Payne: 89
  • Metroid series (Nintendo GameCube, Wii)
    I couldn’t not mention these games as they are also my favourites, but they didn’t make the top list because they wouldn’t fit 😛 For the time they were released they looked absolutely stunning, and still do to this day. The story telling is quite unique – having to read “logs” of data and journals from fallen marines is very immersive and lonely at the same time. Gameplay is also unique, and not to everyone’s cup of tea. But to everyone who does like that tea, it’s pure joy.
    Metacritic Score: Metroid Prime: 97
  • Tomb Raider (PSX, PS2, PC)
    I’m a fan, and other fans know what I’m on about when I say I like these games. To everyone who isn’t a fan… never mind *pats head*.
    Metacritic Score: Tomb Raider Anniversary: 81

There are probably a lot more games that I could write about, but I’ll spare you. There’s only so many times you can say awesome in a blog post. This has got me thinking about what to blog about in the future though. So I guess the idea of this blog-a-day thing is actually working – on its first day 😀

Now all that’s left it to get Tom to write his, and then to nom-nom-nominate someone else – so I pick Kat (if she’s listening :P).


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13 Responses to “All Time Top 5 Greatest Video Games”

  1. I love playing GTA Vice City. i don;t have any goals. I just love killing people and make chaos on the game. It so fun. (lol)

  2. I gather the Marathon series also advances the plot through logs. I can’t say that from experience though since I’ve not played it.

    (Gripe about this comment form: Why do the other fields come after the comment box but before it in the tab order?)

  3. Oh and it can’t go without saying that Half-Life long predates CoD 4 in presenting plot exclusively through the eyes of the PC (it’s worth mentioning here though that I’ve not played CoD 4).

  4. Pete: That is also true – however CoD seems more like a Hollywood action flick rather than the Sci-Fi feeling and universe of Half Life.

    RE: Marathon, yes you are correct, it seems the story is also delivered through logs, checking the Wiki page: (I’ve never played it either – just knew a bit of the background story after searching around for more info on Halo).

    No idea about the comments system – I’m usually logged in when I post a comment! But I will have a look at it 😀 Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Er, “1981”? So that would have been written in 1918, then, eh? *George Orwell rotates slowly in his grave*
    Aside from that minor error, a good list, although you are, of course, wrong about Wind Waker. 😛

  6. Dammit I wrote that just after I woke up. Yes I meant 1984. You got the link though, which means you were thinking on the same lines. Silly me :S

    Wind Waker is great.

  7. Saw your tweet, will be doing this & reading you guys’ (who doesn’t love a meme :3) when I’m done revising for MID 😀

  8. Interesting that we did not agree on any of our top 5 games or honorable mentions (well you have Halo and Half Life in your honorable mentions but they are in my top 5)

  9. Done 😀

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  11. Tom: I guess when it comes down to it, we don’t really share the same ideas as to what is the best, only that we can agree on when something is amazing. Making lists of things which you find are the best is very hard to do if you consider many things to be awesome.

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  13. Nice write-up. Thanks for the info.

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