Post Exam Fun

So the blog that I posted yesterday wasn’t entirely the whole story. Later in the evening, Tom, Kat, Frosty, Rich and myself went to the Rhyddings pub to meet up with a few friends who wanted to celebrate the end of our degrees. The Rhyddings is such a friendly pub, but the ale they serve leaves a lot to be desired.

In search of another place that would serve us thirsty students for more liquid to sup, we went in search of Mozart’s – a late night pub/hotel that is apparently one of the only places in Swansea to take advantage of the 24 hour drinking licence. Alas, it was closed, and so Tom thought it might be a good idea for us to have our own mini beach party, and we all agreed this was a fandabidozey idea!

On the way to the beach I went in search of wood for a fire, and stole a pallet from a nearby mechanic. The boys also found another pallet. We grabbed a keg of beer from our house and made our way to the beach. After about an hour and a half and two Tesco trips we finally were able to light the fire and barbecue ourselves some quarter-pounders. Lovely stuff. We were joined by some other Computer Scientists who had also finished that day. We stayed until the sun rise, and it was awesome. Tom’s Flickr.

Today I just played GTA IV.

Sorry if this post sucked, but it’s 23:46 and I am freaking shattered and I had to write a blog post today to keep up with the one-a-day blogs. I promise to write more comprehensively about something interesting tomorrow 😀

We Got A Bleeder!

I wanted to caption this “We got a bleeder!” but if you can think of anything else, just leave a comment!


~ by shepherdnick on May 28, 2008.

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