Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls

By the way, I can’t guarantee that I won’t be giving away the ending or anything else in the film in this blog post to read at your own risk!

Last night some friends and myself went to see the film and overall I loved it. It was that perfect mark that was hit by Spielberg and Harrison Ford in creating a film for fans of the series. And to some extent that is where the film is also weak. I’m not saying that anyone who hadn’t seen any other Indy films isn’t going to enjoy it, but the people who have seen it before are going to get much more from it.

It’s the little things that keep it feeling Indiana, like the brutish fighting, mixed with Harrison Ford’s cheeky little smile when something luckily goes his way and then just carrying on with whatever he was doing; the somehow appropriately inappropriate kissing scenes with females; the sense of humour was also very in tune to that of the Last Crusade; slapstick, but appropriate.

As always the storyline is supernatural in some way and a little tongue-in-cheek artistic license is given to how the story plays out, but I am afraid this one stepped a little too far over the mark with the aliens/parallel dimension beings. If it weren’t for that, then the film would have built into something better – sometimes less is more. However, the final(ish) scene in particular wouldn’t have been anything without the amazing special effects that were used.

In all, I liked it, but I’m a fan of the series. There is no way he would have survived being in that nuclear blast either. But if anybody could, you could bet your bottom dollar, it would be Indy.

~bam ba-dam daaaaam, bam ba daaaaam…~


~ by shepherdnick on May 30, 2008.

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