5 Artists, 5 Songs

So I’ve been tagged by frosty in another meme style blog which is pretty simple if you use things like last.fm to scrobble your listening habbits. It wasn’t too long ago I blogged about something to do with last.fm so if you didn’t see that before, be sure to check it out now – it’s quite fun 🙂

Without further ado then, my top 5 artists (and the times they’ve been scrobbled) are:

  1. Muse (1,126)
  2. Dream Theater (851)
  3. Billy Talent (777)
  4. Queens of the Stone Age (677)
  5. Tenacious D (600)

Hitting it off from that then:


  1. Supermassive Black Hole
  2. Starlight
  3. Map of the Problematique
  4. Soldier’s Poem
  5. Invincible

There is no way in hell that I prefer their latest album. Overall, Origins of Symmetry is definitely their best, with Absolution being a close second, and the tracks that I’ve scrobbled only account from the beginning of 2005. Whilst the play count is probably right for the artist, I’ve listened waaay more to tracks from the older albums. From that list though I would recommend Starlight if you’d never heard of Muse before (where have you been?)

Dream Theater

  1. Forsaken
  2. In the Prescence of Enemies (Part 1)
  3. Constant Motion
  4. Never Enough
  5. The Dark Eternal Night

I love Dream Theater, and it’s proven by the fact that I’ve listened to them the second most on my last.fm account. Why is that so special? Because on average, their tracks are longer than 10 minutes each! I love Dream Theater because they literally prove the mathematics in motion theory that goes along with music. Many people just hear noise when they hear Dream Theater, but they are not actually listening to it – it’s amazing. And when you see them live, it really is like going to the Theatre, a three hour long set filled with passion, great music and pretty lights.

Billy Talent

  1. Red Flag
  2. Devil In A Midnight Mass
  3. Worker Bees
  4. This Suffering
  5. Fallen Leaves

Another supreme band. I’ve seen them live once, and it was incredible, I can’t believe this guys voice. It’s also hard to kind of bracket this band because (I think) they have such a unique sound. If you like upbeat music with lyrics you can shout to, this is the perfect band to get you pumped up to do such a thing.

Queens of the Stone Age

  1. Little Sister
  2. Go With The Flow
  3. Long Slow Goodbye
  4. Meditation
  5. Lullaby

Songs for the Deaf is probably my most favourite album of theirs, it just fits together so well. These guys pretty much define metal for me. Anything else I hear I just compare to this band. Josh Homme also rocks. Reading is going to be awesome this year.

Josh Homme at Reading 2005

Tenacious D

  1. Kickapoo
  2. Classico
  3. Destiny
  4. Baby
  5. History

Clearly I’ve listened to the soundtrack the most. That’s because the film was outstanding. But the album before that one I probably listened to more before I started scrobbling. I am also really surprised that they are in my top five, but I guess I really like them. They’re at Reading festival too 😀

Well, this exercise has been fun. There’s a lot of psychology that surrounds music – like the fact that I mustn’t choose my top 5 (Tenacious D being the shocking statistic), but that the statistics shock me. I am also always interested in how music is composed and thought up, especially with bands like Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree. If I were to suggest a band to someone that had never heard any of these bands before, I’d say try Dream Theater – they’re a bit weird at first (if you’re not used to that kind of music) but slowly and surely you will learn to love them.

I nom-nom-nominate Kat to give us her top 5 artists and top 5 tracks from those artists 😀 (BTW, I just copied frosty in using last.fm, you don’t have to!)


~ by shepherdnick on June 5, 2008.

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