Post Beach Party

In all, it was a pretty decent party 😀 Mass loads of barbecued food, a gigantic fire, a butt-load of drinks and awesome company. Just a shame I got myself a bit bummed out and left early. Never mind, it won’t happen next year.

Still, today I managed to catch up with lots of programs that I haven’t seen in a while. 4od’s new watch on the fly service helped me to see the entire season of “The Inbetweeners” which was actually really good and surprisingly funny. Had a pretty good soundtrack too. You should check it out if you are fans of skins, as I think it has the same kind of humour – the dialogue is especially quick and witty.

I also managed to squeeze in the second part of season 4 of LOST – don’t worry I won’t spoil anything. Just that for everyone who thinks that the show has jumped-the-shark, I think you were a bit impatient. Yes it does ask a lot of questions, and rarely answers any, but if you are a fan that likes to get involved, sites like and will tide you over and possibly answer some of your questions. Besides that, it’s the nature of JJ Abrams creations to have a level of curiosity and mystery about them to drive the viewers imaginations – I have heard the story of how he won a mystery box as a prize when he was in school, and he was so mesmerised by it, he still hasn’t opened it to this day. Some think this is cool, and others don’t – I think it’s a bit silly. Which is also probably why I hated his movie “Cloverfield“. For some strange reason though, I really really love LOST. The character development, themes, narrative, dialogue and to some degree the plot seem to have an attraction that so many shows and films lose these days to special effects and WOW-factors. Ben is just the most interesting villain in a show – I love his character, but hate him at the same time and it’s great.


~ by shepherdnick on June 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “Post Beach Party”

  1. I purposefully didn’t get in to LOST, as it felt like it wasn’t going to give up any answers any time soon, and I’ve only seen one or two episodes of the whole thing. I may end up watching it someday though – you never know!

    Anyway, you might be interested in watching JJ Abrams’ TED Talk, where he talks about his work as well as his Mystery Box:

  2. The Inbetweeners is great! Roll on series 2 I say 🙂 The cool thing is it seems to be each series spans a term, so no getting old too fast for them (unlike with Skins).

    James: you should have done what I did, start at series 3 and catch up with wikipedia 😀

  3. Kat: do the inbetweeners remind you a bit of Neil/Drew and especially Muggy (et al)? I could just see all of them in that group. It is an awesome show – I loved the teacher (head of sixth form dude).

    James: Thanks for finding that link – I knew he’d talked about it somewhere, I just couldn’t be bothered to find the link!

    James & Kat: Did you not watch LOST because it looked too mainstream and blockbustery? Because things like that usually turn me away because there never seems to be any substance there, but LOST is sooo different. I have them all in digital media format if you ever wanted to watch them! ~_^

  4. Yeah they do kinda, now you mention it! 😀 “Will” also reminds me of the main guy in Start For Ten which I’m reading, who reminded me of Ben lol. (it’s a good book btw)

    Well, I watched the first few of season one. Kept missing it, the those wankers at Sky bought it up. Mike keeps trying to get me to watch all the other episodes, he can’t accept I’m capable of getting what’s goin on without having seen it aaaaaall 😛

  5. That’s kinda true, but one thing that you can’t get from just reading about it is the emotion for the characters – they aren’t scared of killing off lead characters, and when they go, it means so much more to you. I don’t mean that they have to die in order for you to feel anything for them, but watching the show you get a better sense of everything that’s going on.

    I know what you mean though, I’d just want you to watch them because it’s a great (or interesting) show.

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