Last Rent Cheque

So today I paid the last of my rent as a student.  It’s affecting me a lot more than I thought it would, the whole leaving Uni thing.  I mean I really would like a cushty job, but I am starting to worry that Swansea doesn’t really have anything to motivate me any more.  Searching the job websites it’s quite apparent that there aren’t that many jobs around for what I want.  Maybe I have left it too late though – most probably I have.

I found out today that I’d missed the Sainsbury’s graduate placement scheme application by a day.  I mean, how many more companies are going to tell me that I’ve missed out?  This is starting to suck.  I really don’t want to go back to retail but I can’t see how I’m going to get by without it.

Got to stay positive though…

(sorry for the emo-ness :P)


~ by shepherdnick on June 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Last Rent Cheque”

  1. Eh? what graduate placements do they do?! They never told me 😡 You’r ebetter off without them, some people there are selfish pricks when it comes to getting you to work.

  2. Man you suck. Come to Cardiff, Swansea is just full of gypo’s and its a dump!

    Whats your plans for Reading then matey? Rachel and I are going up on the Wednesday dont forget but if you have a small tent I may be able to take it up.

    If I have any re-sits they start on the tuesday after Reading. Fuck yeah! Reckon I passed them all anyway though.

    I hate gays


  3. You must remember that there is no sudden panic rush to get the perfect job (that is what I have to keep telling myself anyway!) You have plenty of time to sort things out, just make sure you enjoy the freedom you have while you still can!

  4. Steve: Resits! Christ! You’re as bad as me in my first year! 😛 I’m prolly heading to Reading on the coach (seen as I’ve bought a coach ticket) and a mate of mine already has a tent so I’ll prolly share with him unless I get one of my own.

    Kitty: <- link to the ‘bury’s site ^^. You reckon the level of prick-ness goes up to the head offices? 😛

    Tom: I know, and it’s fine for you to say that – you’ve already got a job – but I want something more than just a retail job.

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