First Impressions Of Metal Gear Solid 4

So coming home for a weekend on a whim last night after I was asked if I wanted a lift back home, and remembering that I’d forgotten to send a fathers day card, has turned out to be quite useful for seeing and playing on a PS3 to play Metal Gear Solid 4. This is all thanks to Dave 🙂

So the first thing that I noticed is that there are a lot of guns. Most impressive of all is probably the rail gun – yes that’s right, you heard, you actually get to use a rail gun and it’s ace!* From here on, I’ve had to rewrite and remember what I wrote originally, because WordPress lost the rest of my post. So I apologize if it lacks similar passion. The reason that I love the franchise is because usually the direction, script and character developments are all presented in a film like manner, but often exceed the immersion that you are likely to get from a movie. There’s just so much more you can relate to the characters, no matter how far fetched their characteristics are.

The gameplay for MGS4 feels slightly different, although not unlike subsistence with it’s more Splinter Cell style camera movement. But apart from that, the Close Quarter Combat (CQC bitch!) is still so much fun to pull off. It still feels like Metal Gear at heart. One gripe I do have with the game already though, is how the Kojima team put in little stabs at the console war in a seemingly biased attitude towards the console the game was released on. It seems quite petty considering they’ve had a nice second home on the XBox systems for almost the entire series.

After having played the game, I really want a PS3 now, and I would get one purely for this game.  From the seems of it, this might be the very last hardcore game we might get to play.  What else is on the horizon?

Here are some interesting links if you’re interested:

* WordPress just lost the rest of my post. Let this be a lesson to all of you: Web Apps are stupidly unreliable – always write long posts in a text file before you paste them into a web form. I am so pissed off.


~ by shepherdnick on June 14, 2008.

One Response to “First Impressions Of Metal Gear Solid 4”

  1. Damn straight you should get a PS3 for it matey 😛

    seriously I think the console war stabbages will alter if they do make a subsitance style version for the 360. Its just mgs4 is pritty much the ps3s only good game it has going for it so they needed to chuck in what they good.
    I mean they also used Ipods n apple tech, so in the 360 version whose to say snake wont have a Zune? 😛

    may reply more later, im in work right now and its busy as hell

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