Mac Mini’s and A Day in Cardiff

With money running short, I am still finding it difficult to actually stop spending any.  So Tuesday swings around and everyone has the great idea to take a road trip to Cardiff – primarilly for Elmo to get himself a Mac Mini.  I wonder how he does it.  First of all it’s a brand new Digital SLR camera, and then a Mac Mini! Where does this fella get his dosh from?  He’s supposed to be a student, and it’s the end of the third year! Craziness.

Anyway, Cardiff was lush, as always – lately whenever I go to Cardiff it always seems to be sunny.  Coming home on the train you always notice that the weather suddenly changes from whatever pleasantness it is to horrible black skies and rain pretty much as soon as you can see Port Talbot.  Anyways, we had some lunch in the Prince of Wales – I had a minted lamb burger and chips and it was awesome.  Been so long since I’ve had lamb what with it being really expensive nowadays.  I guess you can’t grow them as fast as chickens.

I came home from a knackering day out on the shops and applied for 8 jobs.  I don’t even know where I found them all, but here’s hoping it’s useful. I know I’ve been a bit emo and down lately, but I think I’m coming out of it the other side quite happy.  Thanks to the Simpsons for keeping me cheery and my family 😀


~ by shepherdnick on June 17, 2008.

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