House Hunting

Well considering I was going to write a blog post about the newly released Firefox 3 and how I think it looks like a dogs-ar5e on Windows, I didn’t have enough time to actually get around to doing that today.  Instead I went looking for somewhere to live once the contract runs out on this house.  It’s not a pleasant job traipsing around the estate agents and giving a specific description of what we’re looking for and being given a load of paper with about a million houses on it that you don’t really want to see.  The people are generally helpful and the websites that I went on before looking seemed to offer more in the way of information than the actual people in the agencies did.  The best place that I saw a flat would have to be at the marina – in the place that I said about aaages ago.

The flats there are just as awesome as I expected, and even though I only looked at the ground floor flats, they were still utterly immaculate and just awesome.  If I get a job in Swansea, I am seriously going to consider living there.  I mean I haven’t spent all of this money on a degree to live in a shitty house for another 10 years.  I want to enjoy my life, and if that means spending a bit more money and enjoying where I live then I don’t really mind.  I don’t have the money or the opportunity to get onto the property ladder just yet, so why not?  But I need to get a job first.  Heard back from one of those I applied to yesterday, only for them to tell me that the position had already been filled. 😦

Oh and I can cross off going to Holbrooks – went there with Rich today for some lunch.  Man, I love it in that cafe!

… and I went to Elmo’s in the evening to watch National Treasha – which is, like the sequal, a very non-American telling of their own history, and very watchable from a British point of view.


~ by shepherdnick on June 18, 2008.

One Response to “House Hunting”

  1. Eh, Elmo’s as in the HoG Elmo’s? When were you over here?! You said you had two interviews, when’s the other one?

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