I lost… but I won at degree!

So yesterday was supposed to be the very last day of the blog once a day for 30 days competition that I had going on with frosty.  I lost because I only managed 22 concurrent blog posts, and didn’t manage to reach the magic number, but having said that, I did beat frosty’s blog count to a bloody pulp.  So where does that leave the competition now?  Does he still owe me an ice-cream/pint/ice-cream-pint?  Maybe I should let you decide.  It’s certainly true, that the more you post, the more you’ll get recognised.  I haven’t posted a blog in roughly a week, and already it’s shaping my blog stats graph differently.  Check it out (click for a bigger pic!):

My Blog Stats for A Month Of Blogs

The reasons I didn’t finish the blog posts are numerous; I felt as though the more I posted, the less enthused I felt about writing a blog and it became more and more of a chore every time I sat down to write one, which probably also affected the quality of the blogs, and the reason I started to see a dip in the number of page views and comments that the site received.  That is probably one lesson to be learnt.  Also I found that I wasn’t doing anything during the day to be particularly excited about blogging about.  This past week, I have been more positive and have done a lot of stuff and couldn’t be bothered to blog about it.

So last week I had an interview with a test that I think I did okay on.  The interview was an hour and a half, and even if I don’t get the job it was valuable experience .  On Friday last week I went into Uni to get my overall grade for my degree, and I am happy to tell you that I received an Upper Second Class with Honours (i.e. a 2:1).  I can’t believe that I was able to achieve this.  If you’d told me this at the end of my second year (first time around) I wouldn’t have believed you.  I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone (Tom, Kat, Frosty, Steve, Rich, Ben, Andy [don’t forget Andy!], [that’s why they call him…] Gwynne, and everyone else who I’ve forgotten to thank) who I had the fortune to get to know in my resit and final years, and say that guys, without you I wouldn’t have been able to get the grade I got, and have had such a special, fun and memorable time at Uni and you’re all great and I love you 😀

After we all got the grades we wanted, we spent the rest of the evening at various watering holes around Swansea, starting at the Rhyddings, moving to the Westborne and finally ending up at Mozarts (all after another visit to Holbrooks :3).  Fun was had by all, and many pints were drunk – it was good to end the entire experience on such a high.

Saturday evening I went for a meal at the Oriental Garden in Swansea Marina with Tom’s parents to help us celebrate the awesome results we had.  Monday I went for lunch and ice-creams with Frosty and Hannah. They took me to Verdi’s where I’d never been before and I had some of their famous lemon-sorbet ice-cream which was somewhere near orgazmic.  God it was lush.  We finished that evening off in the Tav.  Haven’t been there in ages, so that was cool.

Then from Tuesday to Wednesday we (me, Steve, Rich and Jon Hurlock) went camping here.  Was in the middle of bloody no-where and we took sooo much stuff, but was an absolute blast.  Jon cooked me a cider marinated steak and on the rarer side of medium-rare and it is quite possibly one of the best steaks I’ve ever had.  The only down side to the trip was the fact I didn’t take a ground mat to sleep on and now my back feels like it is in about a million pieces.  I remember when I was younger being able to sleep on any surface but I am just too old now 😀  I can cross that one off my list now too!

And finally, today, I went for another interview at none other than L’Oreals in Llantrissant.  Was a bit of a trek to get there, but the interview was positive, if a little too straightforward.  Apparently they’ve already seen a few graduates, so I don’t know how I’ll fair, but being at the end of their interview process I’ll be fresh in their mind.


~ by shepherdnick on June 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “I lost… but I won at degree!”

  1. Yes, frosty most definitely owes you an ice-cream-pint 😀

    Tbh, I think the more you do, the less you blog as you’ll just not have the time to write it all down, and there’ll always be something more fun and interesting to do than write a reasonable amount about your days, hence why (I think) things like twitter where you just run off something quickly but often, and using convenient things like phones are good, although they are used in different contexts and for slightly different things.

    Congratulations again on your results 😀

  2. Well done Nick 🙂

    Didn’t know you guys had gond for lunch to on Monday, feel megga left out now 😦

  3. A Spider! He owes you a Spider! You didn’t get the 30 days, but you did beat him, so a non alcoholic Lemonade and icecream (i.e. a Spider :3).

    Wow, thems some huge page hits. I never get numbers like that T_T I should start writing better or about interesting things lol.

  4. Matt: It’s true, a combination of all blogging things wins every time 😀 And thanks for the congrats 🙂

    Rich: Thanks, and well done on your results too 😀

    Kitty: You want me to put something called a spider in my mouth? No way in hell. 😛 Although, I like the sound of icecream and lemonade 😀 Sounds nummy :3

    You do write about some interesting things! But like I said up there, I only got crazy hits because I posted a tonne of blogs in a very short space of time.

  5. Congratulations on the 2:1 Nick from me and Rachel! Really pleased for you as I can remember how down you were when you had to resit your exams. Get your arse to Cardiff so we can celebrate. As usual – coke and bitches optional

    I passed all my exams again for second year running which means I am greater than you.

  6. Thanks to you both, it was a damned hard thing to achieve but with as much work I put in the past two years I think I deserved it! I will get my ass to Cardiff as soon I get settled into my new job and new place.

    Well done on passing your exams too 😀

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