I know that this is always going to be a dodgy or touchy subject, because not everyone ever feels compelled.  But after studying my site stats a bit more, it is clear that there are a lot of people that visit my blog.  If you’re all visiting and reading it, please leave a comment! Speaking as a person who writes blogs, it is such an awesome feeling when you get someone leaving a comment for you! It’s like they actually care about what you have to say. And thanks to everyone that consistently comments on my blog – it’s you that makes me want to continue to write blogs.

And now my chance to maybe talk about some sort of comment leaving etiquette.  It seems there is a difference between blog sites and the Facebook.  It is apparent that on Facebook, if someone writes on your “wall” that you return the comment by writing on their “wall”.  While this might work for people who have a Facebook, not everyone who leaves a comment on your blog has a blog themselves.  So I think it’s appropriate for a comment to be replied to in that same blog post, not in the original commenter’s blog or equivalent.


~ by shepherdnick on July 4, 2008.

8 Responses to “Comments”

  1. foo bar?

  2. Chicken nuggets :(?

  3. Thanks guys…

  4. Agreeing with the reply heh. Lizzy and I don’t do that with eachother’s though (she’s new to blogging :P). Do people have to get approved or log in first to comment on your blog?

  5. Hang on a second! If I reply will you reply to my reply or am I to exect a reply on my blog regarding my reply to which I must reply on your blog regarding the reply left on my blog about my reply on your blog?!

    HELL WITH THAT, i’ll just use carrier pidgeons 😛

    Keep it real fella, tryin to get back into this wordpress thing, keep forgetting it.

  6. Kitty: Yeah I think you have to be logged in to leave a comment, but they don’t have to be approved.

    corabain: exactly. Carrier pidgeons rule. Word.

  7. I agreed with you

  8. How’d you let that spam comment through? 😛

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