Things that annoy me #1


Whats up with the space under the start button?

What's up with the space under the start button?

I like to use all the space that is given to me.  Why then, when I run so many apps I have to increase the size of my taskbar does the start menu button either a) not fill the size of the space it’s been allocated, or b) let me use that space for other meaningful things like the quick-launch bar.  You can’t do anything with that space under the start menu button. It’s annoying. That is all.


~ by shepherdnick on September 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “Things that annoy me #1”

  1. I never thought of that, but it is a very good point! Damn it now I can’t stop thinking about it… WINDOWS GIVE ME MY SPACE DAMN IT!

  2. This is true. Maybe you should get a OS that has good UI design :p (Cough OSX Cough). or, does Vista do this with its blue start ball thing?

  3. *obligatory omg-use-a-linux-cos-its-better comment*

    That quick launch thing is annoying as hell, told my boss in virgin media that because he couldnt believe i DIDNT use it.
    Just said “I dont use it because its an ugly inch of balls.” on so forth.

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