Things that annoy me #2


Quick Launch bar is useless

Quick Launch bar is useless

The quick launch bar is useless. I’ve never used it and I never will. Why? Because Windows automatically puts your most used applications in the left hand side of the Start Menu.  I turned on my quick launch bar to see what had automatically added itself to the toolbar, and low and behold all of the things there are in my Start Menu.  Now I’m lazy, but seriously, just one click more and you’ll have an extra inch of space on your taskbar.  Besides that, anyone else reckon it’s really silly having a quick launch button permanently on your screen, when the majority of the time, the buttons that you’ll have on there are for applications which you’ll be running all day, e.g. Outlook or Firefox.  You need to click them like once in a session.  I just don’t get it.


~ by shepherdnick on September 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “Things that annoy me #2”

  1. I disagree, I use the quick launch bar a lot, especially as a developer it means I have lots of windows open and getting to the desktop for short cuts can be a pain in the ass, plus as the name suggests it is quicker than going via the start menu

  2. Well, each to their own I guess. I completely and utterly disagree with you though, it’s not much effort to a) click twice (Start Menu -> You highly used program) or b) use or c) use Windows Key and R.

    And you can get to the desktop easy enough by clicking Windows Key and D, or right clicking on the Task Bar and clicking “Show Desktop”, there’s really no need having a Show Desktop button on the taskbar.

  3. I have to say I agree with nick – in my attempts to customize Vista at work, the quick launch bar had to go. As nick says, Windows+D shows the desktop (although I don’t keep any shortcuts there) and then for launching stuff you cab use a launcher or whathaveyou. I use a console window (installed cygwin) which I invoke with Ctrl+Space and then type one of a load of shortcuts I have defined. Especially useful, I defined an ‘open’ command, so I can open any folder in Explorer or file in its default app just by doing ‘open foo’. Yay for commandlines!

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