Just a thought about Nintendo…

So IGN have published an article about the top 20 must-own titles on the Wii, and out of those top 20, I own 8 of them, and would own more if I could justify the cost (No More Heroes, Okami, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii Fit, Medal of Honour Heroes 2).  At first I was happy about it, and then I thought about it.  Initially I bought titles like SSX Blur and Excite Truck because my Wii was new, I had the money and they were launch titles.  I know that the Wii system/hardware was considered established by the time that it came out, but generally launch titles aren’t keepers.  Without putting down those two games, which are quite good, are they seriously the best we’ve had so far in the entire catalogue of Wii games?  Launch titles?

In reference to my previous post about Nintendo, I think that this list more than anything proves my point. I’ve also read an article in a recent issue of EDGE describing how Nintendo have started to ignore the “core” (I hate that phrase, it’s “hardcore” butt-munches!) audience, for the ever so more lucrative casual gamers 8-). Recently I’ve been playing through Metroid Prime 3 again, and this game is fantastic – exactly what Nintendo are good at, and exactly what I want as a fan.  A new IP would be good, but I want something multi-layered and deep enough to make me love it and want it, not watching hundreds of Mii’s running around as I shake my Wii-mote like a pair of maracas *looking at you Wii Music*.

The EDGE article mentioned something to ponder on, and that is that Nintendo haven’t always been a computer games company.  They’re over a hundred years old, and during that lifetime produced playing cards, and even supplied the Yakusa with them.  The notion is that maybe Nintendo are moving away from computer games development and pushing the company into new directions that might be better for them in the long run.  Maybe it’s just the natural growth of the company. If [this] is true then maybe not, but I can’t see how they’re gonna keep a system like that cheap enough for their beloved casual gaming market to buy.

As for the new DS-i that was annouced today: do we really need a camera, especially one like that with such poor resolution; double-touch screens should have been there from the start; wtf is up with getting rid of the GBA slot? How are you going to play games like Guitar Hero on Tour?; SD card slot is a great idea, but I can see exploits happening whereby anyone can pirate the games.


~ by shepherdnick on October 2, 2008.

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