Things I would like to see in spotify

I’ve had the new spotify program/social networking experiment thingy for a while now, and it’s amazing.  I love it.  Any music you want to listen to at a decent quality streamable from the internet for free, with very minimal amount of adverts.  I don’t know what business model they have, how they can afford to do it, or even how long it will last.  As for the software itself it very very lightweight – something I admire in the world of Google Apps (although I’ve recently thought some of their web apps have become bloated).  It’s very easy to use just search, play, add to playlist, share, etc.

However, there are some features that I think would be nifty:

  • Almost essential is the ability for spotify to scrobble.  I am sure this will happen once the API is blown open (if ever it will?) but my XMBC  even submits music I listen to to  I don’t see why this can’t either. 
  • Like most people, I use my PC as a jukebox – I already have a lot of music data on my computer and in a library of some sort. It would be useful if instead of spotify using bandwidth (which might be precious on particular connections) if the file exists in the library, then play the one that exists on the hard-drive library. 
  • Also it would be good if spotify had an equaliser of some sort.  I’ve found that changing the equaliser to the settings for the type of music I’m playing means I listen to it as it was intended to be heard.  So far I haven’t been able to find this function in spotify.  (If it exists please tell me).  I know I could use a soundcard one, but I really can’t be arsed to find new drivers. 🙂

~ by shepherdnick on December 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Things I would like to see in spotify”

  1. Nick, I totally agree with your idea’s, concerns and comments on spotify. How they are going to monetize the whole system beyond the advertisements in the stream and the no-ads membership option, should be interesting. To be honest I don’t see spotify existing in 2010.

    I totally agree with your list of recommendations, all though their player is nice and simple. It is missing alot of ‘basic’ features that you have outlined above.

    To add to your ‘feature request’ list i would add the following:

    The ability to minimize the player, so I can just see Play/Pause, previous track, next track and volume would be a nice addition.

    A mobile version of the app, I would love to have Spotify on my phone (s60) and im sure iPhone users and Android users would love the ability too.

    Also a smart playlist which you add a certain number of tracks/albums/artists to, and it will auto-generate a playlists based on the selection you initially added.

    Smart Ads, When listening to classical ads, its very odd to find XBOX adds to then start playing. I think by looking at demographics of their user data, and what type of music they are listening to, they could greatly improve the quality and relevancy of ads to the user.

    I do hope Spotify can survive, and wish them the best of luck! I love it, and heck if anyone wants an invite, ill be happy to give them one, if I have any left! Nice post Nick 😀

  2. I love Spotify too, it’s just incredible. I’m sure you’ve seen by now, but the latest version of Spotify now scrobbles! Hoorah! If you already have it installed, it’ll just auto-update by itself.

    I agree with Mr Hurlock about a minimized player – that’d be very nice.

    Also, on the subject of a mobile version, I’ve seen a Swedish/Finnish (I forget which) news article saying that they’re working on this (S60 and iPhone, irc… certainly iPhone). Fingers crossed that Apple/the phone networks will let it through! (Pandora’s available on there in the US, so hopefully it’ll happen).

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