Ramblings Of A Disgruntled Web Developer(ish)

Well, it’s late on a Sunday evening, and I’ve yet to think of something to blog about (I have to be honest, if it wasn’t for Rich reminding me, I think I might have forgotten about it all together!).  I have decided to blog about something that may interest web developers, and might be good for you (as enthusiastic computer people go) to know about too.

Have you ever heard of an ICC Colour Profile?  Well neither had I until I came across this problem: http://css-tricks.com/color-rendering-difference-firefox-vs-safari/comment-page-1/ TL;DR there’s a “problem” with certain browsers and certain operating systems that render the images differently.  I would say render correctly, but I actually don’t think that’s right.  Basically when you save JPEG’s or PNG files in a high perfomance image editor like Photoshop, the colour profile can also be saved with the image, and then the program that opens this image, reads the colour profile and renders the colours according to that.  Now it caused me four hours of pain and torment earlier this week, but the affects can filter to the business world.  I know that the original photoshop files that I was given to work with were produced on a mac, and then the colours looked a lot different on my Windows version of Photoshop.  This same problem was produced when business cards were sent to a manufacturer who also used Windows, and the desired outcome of those business cards was not met.  I can imagine on a much larger scale than simple business cards, and this kind of thing could cost a lot of money.

It also begs the question, why bother having “standards” for colour if you’re going to allow an infite number of different standards?  Well the answer to that is probably a lot more complex and complicated than I have to time to look into (unless someone knows, and wants to tell me) but reading the Wiki page on ICC profiles, it seems that the standards just apply to the companies that want to use them, rather than to anything in particular.  A pain in the ass for us, but pleasant for them.

In other web related news, I found this rather amusing: http://css-tricks.com/color-rendering-difference-firefox-vs-safari/comment-page-1/ A “break my browser” button.  Now that Microsoft have finally made a standards compliant browser they have a special button to revert the way it renders web sites in the bad bad ways of the Internet Explorers before it. I lol’d.


~ by shepherdnick on February 1, 2009.

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