Last week I blogged about not having anything worthwhile to blog about, so this week I planned a bit further ahead.  A few years ago, I started something called a tumblog (tumbling blog).  Here it is.  The idea of it is similar to that of twitter – a microblog.  But tumblr takes the simple idea of twitter and makes it into something a bit more involving (essentially with more emphasis on the blogging bit).  Over the past week I have been marking down some of the more interesting links or quotes that I’ve experienced that day, and posted them on the tumblog (this was after sorting out the RSS feeds that I’d got the blog to repost).  I have to say that I really like tumblog.  

It got me questioning where abouts does a service like this fit in with a tech-savvy lifestyle.  Well, sometimes writing a full on blog post (at 250 words :P) can be a lot to ask of some people, and also sometimes all you want to do is share an interesting link/quote/picture with someone, which would not neccessarily be appropriate for a full on blog post.  Also sometimes, you might actually want to say more than 140 characters in whatever you have on your mind, and would otherwise be unable to.  My intention with my tumblog will be to keep posting my most interesting find of the day, and then hopefully look back on those links later down the line to see what I had found, and what might have become of those links/quotes.

One thing I don’t like about it though, is the syndication of RSS feeds.  You use an RSS reader like Google Reader to do stuff like that, not a blog post.  Otherwise you provide links to those feeds.  Get your own tumblog here.


~ by shepherdnick on February 15, 2009.

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