Gaming Corporations

Running out of time to make a blog post again, I am actually going to talk about something different to what I originally wanted to post about.  More on that next time, hopefully.  So instead I am going to talk to you about something that’s probably quite simple and that I haven’t really thought about, so we’ll see how it goes.  

Last week Halo Wars was released.  Since the demo for the game was released I have been anticipating this game very highly, and after a 5 or so hour marathon on the Sunday just gone I am so glad that I was right in how good the game was going to be.  Admittedly the story (or storytelling) is not as good as Bungie’s but the way the story links in with the gameplay is pretty cool.  All of this is conveyed to the gamer through some absolutely stunning pre rendered videos.  If only they would make a film with the same kind of technology it would be along the quality of a PIXAR film.  Anywhos what I did want to say, is that in doing my research (and reading reviews on the game) I found out the makers, Ensemble Studios, were programmed to cease existing after the launch of the Halo Wars game.  This makes me very sad. Not that I particularly have any sort of nostalgic or personal feelings towards the studio or the games that they’ve made, but because I hate the way in which Microsoft Games Studios seem to be glomping down on small games production companies, (or in some cases making it impossible for the studios to exist without being bought by Microsoft), and then “letting them go”.

Basically it’s turning in to a monopoly for the games market and I don’t like it.  Look at the kind of filth that EA historically churn out.  If we don’t let independant studios flourish, the games market is going to just become a handful of popular selling franchises, and your games collection will slowly turn into a mountain of sequels.

On the plus side though, many of the employees of Ensemble Studio that were made redundant or chose to leave after the studio was demolished, they formed their own brand new studio, Robot Entertainment.  It makes me even happier at the prospect of support for Halo Wars and maybe even Downloadable Content (please please please make a covenant campaign! :D).  If you want to read the email that was sent to all MGS employees describing the reason for the studio finishing, it’s here.


~ by shepherdnick on March 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Gaming Corporations”

  1. That Letter you linked to is such a kick in the teeth, it’s basically saying:

    You guys made a great bunch of games, but you know what? We need to save money, so your all fired…. Oh and don’t worry we still are commited to make games, just not with you LOLZ!


    We plan to hire the best of you back at reduced pay because we know that even though we just ass raped you, you’ll still come crawling back for more because hey, we’re Microsoft.

  2. I was reading on the forum last night about maybe there already having been a covenant campaign included in the main game, but that Microsoft took it out to sell it on later as DLC. I know you can’t really trust forum and forum members, but thinking about it – they made the covenant playable in multiplayer, so the gameplay is already there, why take out half the game? So they can rip us off?

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