Seen as this week I haven’t had the time to prepare the blog post I said I was going to write last week, I thought I’d instead tell you why.  I have also got to stop starting these blogs.  So a few months ago, Leanne asked me if I fancied going for a weekend away somewhere.  Since we went to Spain in 2004, the people who I went with had such a good time (myself included) that we’ve tried on numerous occassions to try and get some people to go away with us again and pretty much failed miserably.

So I guess a weekend away sounds cheaper and a tad less commital that a full blown week, especially in our busy lives these days.  (I’m not kidding – Hannah showed me her diary I don’t know how she has any time for herself).  So Dublin was decided, and it was an absolutely amazing weekend, not an hour was wasted.

The city itself, had so much charisma to it – it gave the impression (especially around the Temple Bar area) that it is rammed with history and every building felt like it had been there for hundreds of years.  It’s a very clean city as well – there were no cigarette butts or litter anywhere because the fines are pretty high.  So much so that it was even pleasant walking down a bustling street – other cities annoy me and now I know why, they’re very dirty.

One drawback of Dublin and the trip in general was that it was very expensive to eat and drink, and considering we were going for the Guinness it did add up to quite a pretty penny.  The cheapest dring I had was about €4.50 where the most I paid for a Guinness was around €6.00.  Speaking of Guinness however, the Guinness Storehouse was amazing, and really worth its money.  Impressively there is a 7 storey pint glass that goes throughout the entire building, that sits below a 360 degree view bar of the entire of Dublin city.  The brewery is absolutely massive, and really interesting for anyone who is at all interested in beer.

If you ever plan on going there yourself (and I really encourage you to) make sure you go on a boat ride along the river Liffey or take a bus tour around the city.  Ireland is steeped in history and you’d be a fool to pay all that money to get there and not enjoy the history and culture that makes it so special.  That and you’d never be able to live down the amazing catchphrase that came from the ride.  Basically at the docklands area of the river there used to be a place called Misery Mound where they used to scare off pirates with dead bodies hung on spikes after being hung on the gallows, and a red light district, and generally just a very underground area. To lighten the mood, seemingly, the narrator on the boat trip decided to point out to us “and just to the left there’s a big pile of ducks”, which we all found absolutely hilarious.  And then to add more to the hilarity, Misery Mound we found out had a leper colony which Hannah misheard as Leprechaun colony. 😀

The Sunday we spent on the weekend, we visited the oldest pub in Ireland, namely the Brazen Head which was founded in 1196.  This pub had so much character, it was just a sheer joy to be in for the entire afternoon, especially with the local Irish Folk Band playing for free (and being paid with beer).  The food was really good there too.  If you go to Ireland this pub is a must.

Obviously this trip would have been nothing without the people I went with.  And considering I don’t see all of them very often (I hadn’t seen Kim for about 7 years) it was awesome to catch up and have a laugh with them all.  Thanks for making it such a good holiday guys! 😀

You know what they say: “When in Rome, drink Guinness!”


~ by shepherdnick on March 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Dublin”

  1. Glad everyone had such a great time, I’m v jelous. Hopefully next time around I will have enough money to go.

  2. Wow, sounds amazing 🙂 I really want to go to Ireland! You ever considered writing travel reviews /becoming a travel agent ?

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