Left 4 Dead 2 – A Second Look

A while ago I posted about why I was annoyed that Valve were releasing Left4Dead 2 only a year after the first game released. No matter how much you love a game, a sequel that doesn’t appear to be that much different doesn’t seem like a good idea to me – it didn’t when I wrote that post, and it still doesn’t now. However, the years have passed and now a brand new copy of Left4Dead 2 costs only a tenner. Bargain.

The biggest thing I felt that I was being let down on was the amount of original content – and for the most part I was right, the first game did only offer 4 hours of original content, with the rest being replay value. Valve released a new fifth campaign that was free and added another hour on top of the 4. Thanks for the free content Valve, but where’s the rest of the game, I thought. Left4Dead 2 is so much of an improvement on the first it almost makes me wonder why they even thought to release it as a full game, and not as a beta so they could improve the product to the standard of Left4Dead 2 – it was probably the money.

Not only does the original game come with 5 campaigns off the bat, but there have been another two DLC campaigns up for download that are entirely new, and also help tell the story between the original campaign levels and the new ones in the sequel. Additionally, Valve have released the No Mercy campaign from the first game, playable in the second with the other levels from the original game on their way. That’s a bit more like it – or at least what I was expecting from the first game.

Also speaking of original content, the new additions to the gameplay add just enough mutations to make the game even more unpredictable. The frying pan noise of the new melee weapons makes the most satisfying sound effect and is probably just as much fun as a chainsaw. The new special infected (spitter, jockey and charger) are also well designed and fun. I haven’t completed all of the campaigns yet, but already this is such a good game, and for as little price as it is, you can’t really ignore it.


~ by shepherdnick on October 12, 2011.

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