There is more and more meta-everything around at the moment, and some of the stuff that comes along with gaming is pretty cool. Take 360voice for example – it gives your XBOX 360 a “voice” or rather it posts a blog from its point of view. Anyone can sign up for a blog if they have a 360 and use it on XBOX Live. Mine can be found here:

It’s amazing how much context you can put against what must be only a list of different numbers and names of games. The site also has links to other sites with a lot of stats surrounding your achievement points, and comparing them to your friends. How very meta.

If you’re anything like me and you don’t have a spare USB keyboard lying around, or you’re away from your XBOX and would like to see who’s online without using the website, then I would suggest using XBList – makes sending messages oh so much less of a hassle, because you can use your computers’ keyboard.

Ever had the urge to edit your XBOX 360 avatar from the comfort of your own desk? Neither have I. But this is actually pretty cool Not sure exactly if you can use your avatar anywhere else on the Internet, but who really cares anyway?

Sorry for the lack of updates the past four days, I have been quite busy playing Batman: Arkham City, amongst other things, and to be perfectly honest, I was running out of interesting things to say, so I didn’t bother. I might fill them in at a different time.


~ by shepherdnick on October 25, 2011.

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